We have the early scoop on where to find the vendor Xur and what exotic armor and weapons he has available to Destiny players for the weekend of November 13th.

It’s Friday the 13th, which means that Destiny players are hoping that Xur’s arrival won’t bring bad luck for the weekend. Obviously, the Agent of the Nine is supposed to be associated with something good – new exotic weapons and armor pieces – but there are times when he shows up with nothing worth buying? Would that be the case this weekend? Read on to find out.

Destiny players can find Xur in the Tower South area near the hangar. Head right after spawning in, follow the pathway past the Cryptarch, down the first set of stairs, and Xur should be tucked off to the right. He’s alongside the fence that protects players from docking ships.

This week Xur has a set of exotic armor pieces on sale that are upgraded versions for Year 2. He has the Crest of Alpha Lupi for Titans, the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets for Hunters, and the Obsidian Mind helmet for Warlocks. The Crest and the Warlock helmet are decent exotics, but chances are most players have gotten them (and at higher light) through an exotic engram.

Instead of a weapon, Xur has a gauntlet engram this week, so Titans looking for Ruin Wings or Hunters hoping for the Sealed Ahamkara’s Grasps might want to try their luck. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a weapon on offer, but Xur marches to the beat of his own drum.

Destiny Xur Inventory Nov 13

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

  • The Taikonaut (Titan Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Graviton Forfeit (Hunter Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Alchemist’s Raiment (Warlock Chest Piece) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Zhalo Supercell – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Special Weapon Engram – 31  Strange Coins
  • Three of Coins – 7 Strange Coins

After a very solid selection about two weeks ago, it appears that Xur has calmed down a bit. His selection hasn’t been quite as exciting and his exotic engrams are starting to cycle back around to familiar options. Truthfully, since the introduction of King’s Fall hard mode and its higher light level gear, the need for Xur’s exotics has diminished significantly. Buying an exotic at light level 280 simply means that a player has to infuse several items just to get it up to 310, and even then they are not done.

That’s not counting the fact that infusion can take a toll on a player’s weapon parts inventory, and the amount of exotic shards required to slowly inch a weapon forward. We don’t think that Bungie planned to make Xur feel obsolete, but their new loot system has done just that.

What do you hope Xur sells next week? Are there any Destiny exotics you have yet to acquire?