Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for March 10th

Destiny Xur Exotics Taken King

This week, Destiny players can find their favorite exotic weapon and armor vendor Xur in The Reef. The Agent of the Nine doesn’t always set up shop in The Reef, but when he does it makes the effort for Three of Coins or some last minute purchases a little extra.

For those who might not know Xur’s Reef hiding spot, he’s fairly easy to find. Spawn into Destiny's House of Wolves social space, head to the right and down a set of stairs, turn to the right, and Xur will be behind a futuristic door. Under normal circumstances the door is closed, but when Xur is in The Reef it opens.

Xur’s exotic armor selection this weekend includes the Empyrean Bellicose helmet for Titans, the Knucklehead Radar helmet for Hunters, and the Nothing Manacles gauntlets for Warlocks. No matter if you enjoy PvP or PvE, all three of the exotic items are worth picking up this week, but mileage will vary depending on the class.

The Bellicose helmet, for example, is great for strikes where the Airborne modifier is active, and for tricking pursuing players in PvP. Whereas the Nothing Manacles are great for causing an explosive bit of damage with Scatter Grenades. And Knucklehead Radar is just useful because it keeps the radar active while using a Primary Weapon, although Rise of Iron rendered it less important thanks to the Memory of Gheleon artifact.

destiny xur exotic armor weapon march 10

Xur’s exotic weapon this weekend in the Truth rocket launcher, a decent choice for Destiny players. Prior to the major balance update of February, Truth was one of the best rocket launchers in the game, but a nerf to its rocket capacity has lessened its usefulness. Bungie has promised to try and bring Truth back to prominence in a follow up patch, but right now it’s overshadowed by some other options.

  • Empyrean Bellicose (Titan Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Knucklehead Radar (Hunter Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Nothing Manacles (Warlock Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Truth (Shotgun) – 17 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Chest Piece Engram – 29 Strange Coins

As Destiny players prepare to reflect on their time with Destiny 1 during the Age of Triumph event, many questions have surfaced regarding how Destiny 2 will build on its predecessor. We already know that the sequel will be almost a full reset for players, but it’s unclear what core elements of the first game might carry over to the second. Xur has been a staple of the Destiny experience for over two years now, but there’s no guarantee he will be around for Destiny 2.

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