Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for January 30th

Destiny Xur Location Jan 30

It's the second week of Crota's End Hard Mode's availability, and Destiny players are already eager to see what Xur has for sale. Mostly, players just want to know if he has Gjallarhorn, or at the very least some heavy ammo synthesis.

Unfortunately, no ammo synthesis this week, but the good news is the heavy ammo bug will soon be patched by Bungie. The developer says that a fix is making its way through testing, and should be available before the end of the month. Still, it would have been nice to stock up on heavy ammo in the mean time.

This week, Xur can be found opposite The Speaker in Tower North. He's next to the big giant door that doesn't open, and fairly close to Eva the Guardian Outfitter.

Weapon-wise, Xur doesn't have anything too spectacular this week. In fact, he has the exact same selection from a few weeks back when he had all DLC items. So, if you did happen to miss out on the Dragon's Breath rocket launcher or the Don't Touch Me gauntlets, then now's as good a time as any.

Destiny Xur Items Jan 30

We'd actually recommend all hunters who can spare the Strange Coins pick up the gauntlets, as they come in handy during the Crota's End raid. With them, many hunters are capable of getting through the entire Abyss section by themselves.

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

  • Mk. 44 Stand Asides (Titan Leg Armor) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Don’t Touch Me (Hunter Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Starfire Protocol (Warlock Chest Armor) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Dragon’s Breath (Rocket Launcher) – 17 Strange Coins
  • Exotic Gauntlet Engram – 23 Motes of Light
  • Exotic Shard – 7 Strange Coins
Destiny - Dragons Breath Rocket Launcher

On the exotic upgrade front there isn't too much to be excited about. We would have recommended upgrading the Ice Breaker, but we doubt few need it considering that Xur offered the sniper rifle two weeks ago.

  • Mask of Third Man
  • Young Ahamkara's Spine
  • Helm of Inmost Light
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi
  • Skull Dire Ahamkara
  • Sunbreakers
  • Suros Regime
  • Thorn
  • Universal Remote
  • Pocket Infinity
  • Ice Breaker
  • Super Good Advice

Overall, not a very great week for Xur, especially for players hoping for some useful raid weapons. It would have been nice to see Xur sell something that helps players regenerate health like Red Death, Suros, or any of the exotic armor pieces, but alas we will have to wait until next week.

What do you hope Xur will sell next week? Should he be prioritizing weapons and gear that help players regain their health?

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