We have the early scoop on where to find the vendor Xur and what exotic armor and weapons he has available to Destiny players for the weekend of February 12th.

Although it has been a rough few weeks (some would even argue months) for Destiny players, who have been voicing concerns that the game is in a major content drought, today finally brought some peace of mind. In their quarterly earnings call, Destiny publisher Activision confirmed a few pieces of info about the game’s future including its sequel, which will release some time in 2017.

So, with a better idea as to Bungie’s roadmap some Destiny players feel a little bit rejuvenated, to say the least. Granted, that doesn’t mean that much has changed within Destiny at the moment – although the Crimson Doubles event is going on right now – but it does mean that things will improve in the coming months.

Speaking of improving in the coming months, Bungie also promised a new Spring update that will include new gear and light level cap for players to chase after. They didn’t say it outright, but it’s also possible that these new armor pieces and weapons will be added to Xur’s inventory, thereby increasing the exotic vendor’s utility. Because as it stands now, Xur is basically a Three of Coins vendor.

Nevertheless, there are still some players looking forward to Xur each week, so the band must play on. This week, players can find Xur in the Hangar, immediately to the right after following the long hallway. If you the Dead Orbit vendor, you’ve gone too far.

For armor this week, Xur has the Peregrine Greaves for Titans, the Celestial Nighthawk for Hunters, and the Obsidian Mind for Hunters. All three are decent choices for their respective classes, but fit some very specific situations. The Peregrine Greaves are great for Titans who love to use the class’s increased mobility to “skate” around in PvP maps, using Shoulder Charge to dispatch foes. The Nighthawk is useful for doing max DPS on a raid or Nightfall strike boss, especially when the Solar Burn modifier is active. And Obsidian Mind helps Voidwalker Warlocks keep dumping Nova Bombs left and right.

Destiny Xur Inventory Feb 12

He also has an exotic gauntlet engram for sale, for those players who might be looking for a particular type of exotic gauntlet and have yet to see one drop in regular play. There are some solid gauntlet choices out there, like the Titan’s Ruin Wings, so try your luck and see if the pair you want drop.

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

  • Immolation Fists (Titan Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Radiant Dance Machines (Hunter Boots) – 13 Strange Coins
  • The Stag (Warlock Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Suros Regime – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Special Weapon Engram – 29  Strange Coins
  • Three of Coins – 7 Strange Coins

What would you like to see Xur sell next week? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.