We have the early scoop on where to find the vendor Xur and what exotic armor and weapons he has available to Destiny players for the weekend of December 4th.

After a pretty disappointing weekend (even by Xur’s standards), Destiny players are back at it again, scouring the Tower for the exotic vendor. With just a little under a week until the December update hits, and brings with it a new set of exotic armor pieces and weapons, it’s about to get a little more crowded in the Xur loot pool, so hopefully he has some items you have been looking for.

Speaking of looking, those searching for Xur will find him in The Reef, the social space added with the House of Wolves DLC expansion for Destiny. It isn’t very often that Xur appears in the Reef, which is a good sign for his potential inventory. And, for those who’ve yet to see Xur’s Reef hiding spot, simply head to the right after spawning in and Xur will be tucked behind the open door straight ahead.

And what do you know; Xur actually has some good items for sale. On the armor front, Xur has the Ruin Wings gauntlets for Titans, a must-have for its increased heavy ammo drop perk; the Skyburners Annex for Hunters, a solid option for orb creation and those players who depend on special ammo; and the Stag helmet for Warlocks, which just looks dang cool. This is the first time Xur has ever sold that Hunter helmet, so we bet there are plenty of Destiny players out there jumping for joy, provided they didn’t get the helmet from an exotic engram.

Truthfully, though, the main reason to be excited about Xur’s selection this week is the Telesto exotic fusion rifle. Like the Skyburners, the Telesto had yet to be sold by Xur and was likely on many players’ check-off lists. Not only that, the weapon is extremely useful during ‘Void Burn’ Nightfall Strikes and its clean look makes it a perfect show piece. It also bears some similarities to a certain gun from a certain franchise that Bungie used to work on, but that’s probably just a coincidence right?

Destiny Xur Exotic Inventory - Dec 4

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

  • Ruin Wings (Titan Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Skyburners Annex (Hunter Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • The Stag (Warlock Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Telesto (Fusion Rifle) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Special Weapon Engram – 31  Strange Coins
  • Three of Coins – 7 Strange Coins

Bungie couldn’t have planned it better: Xur sells the last remaining exotics just days before a handful of new ones getting added to the fold. For many this was a good week thanks to the addition of Challenge mode, the news that the dominant Sunbreaker class is getting a nerf, and now Xur.

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.