Destiny: Xur Extended Until Monday After PSN and Xbox Live Outage

Xur Extended Christmas Outage

Although both the PSN and Xbox Live are slowly moving towards stability after their respective DDos attacks on Christmas, gamers are still reeling from the prolonged outage. Some are finding that many of their favorite online experiences are still down, while others are maligning the time and potential progress lost.

Destiny players, for example, have only just been able to get into the game on Saturday morning, which means they've missed more than 24 hours with the exotic vendor Xur. In most cases that would be fine, but since the implementation of the new exotic upgrade system, time with Xur has become more finite. There's also the holiday travel to take into account, which likely kept some from being able to purchase the new exotic weapons and gear Xur had for sale.

Luckily, Bungie has heard gamers pleas and decided to extend Xur's stay in the tower. Provided everything remains stable, Xur should be in the Tower until 10pm PST on Monday night, just a few hours before the weekly reset.

Gamers will no doubt be happy to learn of Xur's extended stay, as it means more time to pick up the No Land Beyond exotic sniper rifle and to farm glimmer for those exotic upgrades. More importantly, it means Bungie's schedule isn't static and can be changed based on gamer feedback.

While we wouldn't recommend picking up the No Land Beyond sniper to...well...anyone, we acknowledge that there are plenty of Destiny players out their who consider themselves exotic collectors. It's for that reason that I personally picked up the gun, but have found it of little use in PvE or Crucible.

In all honesty, the big ticket item this weekend is the Gjallarhorn exotic upgrade. Being able to raise the attack power of this rocket launcher offers a huge advantage to players, especially those who want to take on Crota solo. At max level, the new Gjallarhorn is capable of downing Crota with just two rockets.

So, Xur is staying a bit longer, which means a little extra time to farm glimmer at the Exclusion Zone or to hunt down Urzok and trap him in that urn. Remember, now instead of Sunday morning at 1am PST, Xur will be gone at 10pm PST on Monday.

Are you happy to learn Xur will stay a little longer because of the PSN and Xbox Live outages? Were you concerned you might miss out on Xur this weekend?


Source: Bungie

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