Destiny: Xur Will Now Sell Exotic Weapon Bundles


Xur, the vendor that shows up every Friday in Destiny to stay the weekend and provides players a chance to nab some exotic loot, is getting an addition to his inventory. While in the past Xur's major selection has been pretty static, with three, class-specific armor pieces and one weapon, it will soon expand to include an exotic weapon bundle.

Although Destiny players thought they had a solid idea as to the changes and additions coming with the Age of Triumph live event, the exotic bundle concept was only just revealed this week. And players will be able to get their first chance at purchasing one when Xur arrives on Friday morning.

As the name implies, exotic weapon bundles will give players the chance to nab a random exotic weapon and one of its matching weapon Ornaments. The cost for these exotic weapon bundles will be 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust.

At a glance it may seem like a deal, but the exotic weapon bundles are actually somewhat of a ripoff. Most of Xur's weapons cost either 17 or 23 Strange Coins, depending on the category, and any of the older Ornaments can be purchased from the Silver Dust Kiosk (which, by the way, expanded even further with Age of Triumph) for 25 Silver Dust. That means that players will be handing over 7 to 13 more Strange Coins for these new exotic weapon bundles.

The only way these exotic weapon bundles will be appealing is if they include ornaments that can't yet be bought from the Silver Dust kiosk, like those for Dragon's Breath or No Land Beyond. In that case, exotic weapon bundles will be a slightly more expensive, but guaranteed way to get certain ornaments without relying on random luck.


Again, these exotic weapon bundles are not replacing Xur's normal inventory, but will be an additional item sold each week. He will continue to bring an exotic armor piece for each class, a random exotic weapon, and one Legacy Engram.

This isn't the first time Xur's inventory has been changed, but it could prove to be the most divisive addition. The Taken King expansion brought the addition of Legacy Engrams as mentioned above, which was a welcome treat for longtime collectors. Heavy ammo and Exotic Shards have come and gone from his stock, offering their own uses. And Glass Needles introduced a new re-roll mechanic for exotic armor.

Although players will have to wait until Friday to see if the exotic weapon bundles are worth it, they can enjoy Age of Triumph's other additions including a new story mission playlist, refreshed raids, new gear to collect, and a massive record book to complete.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Bungie

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