Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for April 7

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It’s the second weekend of Destiny’s Age of Triumph event, and the second weekend for the slightly tweaked Xur inventory. For those who may not know, starting last week Xur began selling a new item called an exotic weapon bundle, which includes a specific exotic weapon and one of its ornaments.

As we have mentioned before, the exotic weapon bundles may not be the best value for those players trying to spend their Silver Dust wisely, but they are available to those who simply want a specific weapon and ornament immediately.

Where is Xur?

This weekend, Destiny players can find Xur tucked in the hangar area, which is located in Tower South. After spawning into The Tower head to the right, go up the stairs to the right of the Cryptarch, follow the long hallway into the hangar, and Xur should be immediately to the right. If you are in the area with Amanda Holliday and the Dead Orbit vendor then you have gone too far.

Xur's Exotic Armor

Xur’s exotic armor this week includes Crest of Alpha Lupi chest piece for Titans, the Shinobu’s Vow gauntlets for Hunters, and The Ram helmet for Warlocks. At a time, all three of the exotic armor pieces would have been worth recommending, but a nerf to skip grenades has made the Hunter gauntlets far less useful.


The Titan chest piece, on the other hand, will never go out of style, if only because it lets players create an extra Orb of Light on super usage. For players trying to build up Orbs for a raid challenge, like the new Templar Challenge, the chest piece can come in handy.

Similarly, The Ram is a go-to exotic armor piece for Warlocks because it gives the class extra armor in PvE and PvP. Being more resilient in encounters can be a huge boon for Warlocks, especially those running a more offensive class like Voidwalker or Stormcaller.

Exotic Weapon and Bundles

Invective is Xur’s exotic weapon for this weekend, a full-auto shotgun that replenishes its own ammo automatically. Invective is a popular choice for players that rely heavily on special weapons in PvP, but its damage is not particularly strong. Its most common use is for running into a close quarters skirmish and firing with reckless abandon.

Curiously enough, one of Xur’s exotic weapon bundles includes the Invective and its Storm’s Reproach ornament. Here is where the discrepancy between exotic weapon bundles and a la carte purchases will be most apparent since the Invective is right there.

destiny xur exotic weapon bundle april 7

Players can pay 20 Strange Coins for the weapon as part of the bundle or 17 Strange Coins for the shotgun by itself. And if they want the ornament, the Silver Dust kiosk has Storm’s Reproach available for 25 SD, the exact same price for the bundle. In essence, buying Invective and the ornament separate is CHEAPER than buying the bundle. Maybe at some point Bungie will make the bundle a real value, but for now it’s actually a rip-off.

Xur’s other exotic weapon bundle, for those that are curious, packages the Truth rocket launcher with its Heart of Gold ornament. A solid gold Truth is quite the statement, but don’t buy these bundles.

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