Destiny’s Sony Exclusive Content Will Hit Xbox This Fall With Changes

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With Destiny, developer Bungie has used exclusive features to reward PlayStation users with additional content. Details outlined during E3 2014 explained that players choosing to purchase Destiny for PS3 or PS4 would receive extra gear, weapons, and even unique maps. This strategy even continued into the multiplayer shooter’s DLC packs, with The Dark Below expansion granting PlayStation players with an additional exotic shotgun and an extra strike.

Although Xbox users undoubtedly felt left out by Destiny’s PlayStation-focused content, there were plenty of signs that the features would arrive after a set period of time. Bungie has previously stated that PlayStation-exclusive content would remain in the Sony-only club until at least Fall 2015, giving Xbox One and Xbox 360 players cause to expect the bonus content. Now, with that date fast approaching, Bungie has revealed that the content will not only come to Microsoft console owners, but will arrive with new features.

In an interview with EuroGamer, Destiny’s creative director Luke Smith was able to outline how Bungie plans to deliver extra content to both Xbox and PlayStation players. When the content appears for all this Fall, Xbox users will not only get access to the likes of Dust Palace and The Undying Mind, but will also receive harder versions of those strike missions. PlayStation players will also receive these tough additional modes.

Destiny Characters

“The previously Sony-exclusive strikes will be available this autumn on Xbox,” said Smith, stating that Bungie is planning to “refresh them completely with the Taken” rather than simply reissuing them as old content. The Taken themselves, which are set to feature heavily during the upcoming The Taken King expansion, have been added to bring an extra level of challenge to the missions. “We want you to experience The Undying Mind completely as it was with the Vex, and also in a Taken-ified version,” Smith said. “We wanted to make it feel like more than last year’s model.”

The creative director continued to state that the additional content across both Xbox and PlayStation would help to develop a stronger community spirit. Smith explained that Xbox One and Xbox 360 users “can play last year’s model, and, as a community, Destiny fans can play through the new versions together and figure them out.” However, the additional tougher versions of the strikes will only be implemented for the previously exclusive content, rather than being brought into the current cross-platform roster.

There’s plenty of Destiny additional content still to come, too. The Taken King DLC pack is expected to arrive on September 15, 2015, although Bungie has been forced to defend the expansion’s hefty $40 price tag. Meanwhile, the title also has a partnership with Red Bull, which is set to bring a timed exclusive DLC mission to players. Bungie will no doubt be hoping the deal will put some energy back into the title for fans burned by The Taken King’s price tag – and with the developer looking to reward year one players, there may be plenty of life in Destiny yet.

Source: EuroGamer