Last night, WWE Money in the Bank 2017 descended upon St. Louis, MO, bringing all the thrills and spills you might expect from the ladder-centric pay-per-view extravaganza. However, one member of the SmackDown Live roster decided to skip the show’s main event to play some Destiny.

Rusev — the hulking former powerlifter known as the Bulgarian Brute — hasn’t wrestled since March 2017 following shoulder surgery. While he has appeared on television intermittently to request a world title shot, the most we’ve heard from him has come via his Twitter account.

The undercard of last night’s pay-per-view saw Rusev’s wife Lana challenge Naomi for the SmackDown Live women’s championship, with the Super Athlete tweeting a message of support. Shortly afterwards, he stated that his patience with Money in the Bank had run out, and he moved on to tackling a difficult Raid in Destiny.

Rusev’s video game acumen is no secret, as he’s shown up on WWE superstar Xavier Wood’s web series UpUpDownDown many times. On the show, he has accumulated a wealth of different nicknames over the course of his variou appearances, ranging from ‘Yao Ming’ to ‘Tong Po’ to ‘Roman Reigns’.

Indeed, Rusev is far from the only member of the WWE roster who plays Destiny, so he likely had no problem getting together a bunch of players for the Raid. The most high-profile grappling guardian is likely the Big Show, who recently appeared at E3 as part of Bungie’s panel hyping up the shooter’s hotly anticipated sequel.

Of course, the release of Destiny 2 couldn’t come at a worse time for Rusev. Now healed up from his surgery, he’s expected to return to WWE television at any time, meaning that when September rolls around he’ll have much less time to level up his character and gather up all the best loot.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.