Destiny: Wrath of the Machine Raid Challenges Go Live Tomorrow

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As Destiny’s Age of Triumph continues this week, Guardians will have an opportunity to take on new challenges in the Wrath of the Machine raid. The raid challenges will be available tomorrow with the next Destiny weekly update, along with the special Age of Triumph weekly vendor resets on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at 2:00 AM PT.

Like Crota’s End, Vault of Glass, and King's Fall before it, the Wrath of the Machine raid will incorporate new challenges for Age of Triumph, and will set the difficulty to 390 Light Level. Successful runs will give players a chance at the new Age of Triumph raid armor.

There’s no word yet what the challenges will be for Wrath of the Machine, though Destiny players can expect similar additions and changes found in the game's other three raids. This means special challenges for each of the raid's bosses, along with more enemies to deal with in each section, and likely some form of blocked or altered environment to make it more challenging, especially with any well-known cheese spots.

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Along with taking on new challenges, Destiny players will undoubtedly be looking for any other secrets hidden within Wrath of the Machine. After discovering a new chest in Vault of Glass a couple weeks ago, Guardians are anxious to see what mysteries can be uncovered in the updated Wrath of the Machine raid.

This last week, Guardians had the opportunity to take on challenges within the King’s Fall raid, including challenges for the raid’s Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Oryx. Players can expect similar challenges to likely center on Wrath of the Machine’s Vosik, Seige Engine, Siva Source, and of course Aksis, the raid’s final boss.


Naturally, many Guardians will attempt to take on the new Wrath of the Machine challenges solo, as they have with the other raid challenges over the last few weeks. This will likely be the last time Destiny players are able to take on these challenges in the popular sci-fi shooter.

As Age of Triumph opens up the challenges of the Destiny’s fourth and final raid, gamers are now looking forward to Destiny 2 more than ever. After some mixed reviews for the recently released trailers, gamers are looking forward to the upcoming gameplay reveal, which is set for next month. Until then, there’s plenty to do with Age of Triumph, particularly with Wrath of the Machine this week.

Destiny: Age of Triumph is currently live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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