Destiny: The Best Primary to Take into Wrath of the Machine


Get a detailed look at the damage output of two primary weapons that can pump out massive boss damage, and find out which one you should be taking into Wrath of the Machine.

When it comes to Destiny's Wrath of the Machine, gamers no doubt will want to take on the raid in the most efficient way possible, learning all the ins and outs of every boss encounter. After all, it will help when players tackle the harder Heroic Mode of the raid next week. We have already covered two ways to load out your characters for Wrath of the Machine: the best heavy weapon to use against Aksis and the subclasses that excel the most in the raid.

This is another analysis by Destiny YouTuber Datto, who examined two of the highest damage dealing primary weapons in the game: Outbreak Prime and Chaos Dogma.


The Outbreak Prime pulse rifle is the raid exotic for Wrath of the Machine. It is obtained through a very complex quest, but rewards the player with a solid weapon with the unique perks of increased damage against Fallen and SIVA nanite swarms that attack enemies apart from the bullets themselves (similar to Gjallarhorn's Wolfpack rounds).

Chaos Dogma is a scout rifle obtained from the raid itself. It drops from the second round of the Aksis encounter, and its unique perk is Double Tap and Triple Tap, which when combined together has the possibility of giving players 44 high-impact shots before needing to reload (as long as players can chain precision shots perfectly). It performs very well against bosses with large critical target areas.

But which one is better for the raid? That depends on what boss these weapons are being used against.

Starting with Vosik, a perfect magazine (meaning every round hits as a precision shot) of the Chaos Dogma delivers roughly 234,476 damage. Meanwhile, Outbreak Prime delivers around 325,000 to 335,000 damage. So, Outbreak Prime comes out clearly on top, dealing almost 100,000 more points of damage than Chaos Dogma.

rise of iron exotic pulse rifle

That doesn't mean Outbreak Prime should be necessarily used as the primary damage dealing weapon against bosses, as Sleeper Simulant and Gjallarhorn still take off more health during a damage phase than either of these primaries.

Things change with Aksis. A perfect magazine from Chaos Dogma deals around 157,000 damage while Outbreak Prime does approximately 174,000. That is a difference of 17,000, which works itself out to about .15% of the total health pool of Aksis. So, when it comes to Aksis players should choose whichever weapon they want to because the difference is negligible.

Outbreak Prime is still a strong choice, but one of the advantages of Chaos Dogma is that it opens up an exotic slot to equip the exotic Sleeper Simulant or Gjallarhorn, which are bigger damage dealers anyways.

What primary weapon do you like using most in Wrath of the Machine? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Datto

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