New Destiny Raid Hides Hilarious Easter Egg


Fans have found an Easter egg in the Wrath of the Machine raid, consisting of the return of an old enemy that was an inside joke in the Destiny community during Year 1.

It has only been a day since Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid has been released. Wrath of the Machine was conquered just over two hours after it launched. Since then, fans have descended on the raid and have even completed it with only three players.

Some fans discovered an Easter egg inside the raid that is a nod to longtime Destiny fans. Within the "Server farm" room in Wrath of the Machine, a major Splicer Vandal can spawn. It's name? Rahndel, the Perfected.


The Easter egg is a reference to an enemy that could be found on Patrol in Old Russia during Year 1, who Destiny fans dubbed Randal the Vandal. Randal the Vandal was a major Reaver Vandal (completely unnamed in game; the moniker was applied by the community) located in the Forgotten Shore. Randal the Vandal (seen in the picture below) was a pretty low level enemy, but a bug caused this particular Fallen to have an incredibly high health pool.

Even when the overpowered Gjallarhorn was fired at Randal the Vandal, its health bar would be barely whittled down. Bungie eventually patched the game and return Randal the Vandal to the HP he was meant to have. That particular enemy still exists in the Forgotten Shore, but will go down quickly as it is meant to if players visit there today.


Longtime fans are sure to appreciate the Easter egg in the new raid. As can be seen in the video, Rahndel can be taken down with an insane amount of damage. There are no rewards for killing the enemy, other than the inside joke and nostalgia that accompanies it.

The Easter egg is just another piece of nostalgia that Rise of Iron injects into Destiny, an expansion that seems very much themed around acknowledging the journey fans have taken over the past two years. The inclusion of Gjallarhorn in Year 3 and especially the quest to earn the exotic version of the Khvostov is laden with sentimentality.

This isn't the first time Bungie has added Easter eggs into its games; in fact, the developer has been known to do so even back when it was making the Halo franchise. Destiny's last raid contained an elaborate Easter egg that ended up just being a basketball court that raiders could play around in.

As fans discover more about the raid and the Rise of Iron expansion, there are bound to be even more Easter eggs found.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: AsPeCt4392 (via YouTube)

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