3-Man Destiny Team Beats Wrath of the Machine Without Using Guns


A Fireteam of three intrepid Guardians band together to complete the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron without relying on the use of guns.

Ever since the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine, there have been plenty of skilled Guardians who have decided to challenge themselves by tackling the raid with self-imposed limitations, such as the player who beat Aksis solo. Recently, a group of three fans successfully took on Wrath of the Machine — which is recommended to be played with a six-person team — with the added wrinkle of difficulty that they use no guns throughout the run.

This particular feat of beating Wrath of the Machine without the use of firearms in Destiny: Rise of Iron can be attributed to the stellar teamwork of the Guardians known as GladHeAteHer182, BuzLightBeeer, and souljamer56. According to Glad, it took a long time for the team to be triumphant in their attempt to finish the raid without firing a round, as they even enlisted the assistance of other players for strategy, such as rowan, Cruelty, Hopitikins, ITI, and more.

As seen in the string of Destiny videos below, GladHeAteHer182 and his squad primarily stuck to using melee attacks, grenades, and Supers — their favorites being double fusion grenades, Fireborn, Viking Funeral, and Touch of Flame — in order to take out enemies and complete the necessary objectives in Wrath of the Machine. Of course, the Guardians encountered plenty of strife in their raid run, for not only did they not complete Vosik, but also the Siege Engine (AKA Death Zamboni) made them struggle for a quite a while, with GladHeAteHer182 saying it was, "By far the hardest part that we completed."






Thankfully, once the 3-person squad got to the end of Destiny's latest raid to beat the boss known as Aksis in all of his phases, their use of a divide and conquer tactic served them well. As a matter of fact, GladHeAteHer182 was delighted with the outcome, as he stated that taking on the main baddie in Wrath of the Machine "was my favorite part and the most fun!"

As one might imagine, this is far from the first time that GladHeAteHer182 has finished Wrath of the Machine in an interesting manner, as he was a part of the team that beat it in 23 minutes for the initial World Record speedrun. So, while the 3-man group definitely had a strenuous go of it without using guns in the raid, the team at least had a good lay of the land beforehand.

Taking all of this into consideration, there's no telling which unique ways other Guardians will begin attempting to finish Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid in the coming weeks and months. Whether players take to only using voice commands or non-traditional peripherals like Rock Band drums to best the raid, it's safe to say Destiny fans will try to wring as much action out of it as possible before Bungie releases the game's proper sequel, which is set to launch in 2017.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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