Destiny: Wrath of the Machine Raid Hard Mode Release Date Revealed


Destiny's developer Bungie reveals when fans can jump into Rise of Iron's next big challenge, which is the Heroic Mode of the newest raid Wrath of the Machine.

Many Destiny fans are playing the new Iron Banner this week, but with the recent release of Destiny's fall expansion, Rise of Iron, there's plenty of weekly content for fans to grind through. One of those activities that is still very much a part of the grind is the Wrath of the Machine raid. The newest of Destiny's signature endgame PvE activities, it is one of the most sure ways to continue to level up.

But at this point the mechanics of the raid have been conquered, as has one of its greatest secrets in the Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle. So naturally many fans are looking forward to the next challenge on the horizon, which is the Heroic Mode of Wrath of the Machine. That date has been revealed: Heroic Mode will launch on Tuesday, October 18th at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Bungie has yet to give any hints whatsoever about Heroic Mode and what it entails. All the developer has said is that "the truest test of teamwork and cunning is yet to come." Besides the fact that revives are disabled in Heroic Mode and higher leveled enemies are sure to be present, one of the challenges for fans going into the new harder version is figuring out what new mechanics they will need to juggle on top of the ones they are used to from the normal mode. In the past, Heroic Mode has added new enemy types (Light Eater Knights in King's Fall), new debuffs to deal with (Unstable Light in King's Fall), or the removal of certain elements that help the player (the Chalice in Crota's End).

The first step for anyone wanting to run Heroic Mode will be getting that Light level up as high as possible. There are plenty of ways to get gear 385 (and a few points above) including running the normal raid, Iron Banner this week, and Trials of Osiris on the weekends. Second, teams will want to be very familiar with the raid as it stands so they can be ready to take on an extra layer of difficulty during each challenge.

What do you think will be different in Wrath of the Machine's Heroic Mode? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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