Destiny Players Compile Wishlist of Most Wanted Features

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For fans anticipating Destiny‘s expansion The Taken King, the wait is almost over, as the fresh DLC is set to drop in about two months from now. As a matter of fact, in order to keep those who self-identify as Guardians abreast of what’s to come in the add-on, Bungie released a huge number of details during yesterday’s weekly Destiny update regarding new weapon designs for The Taken King‘s expanded arsenal. As if that weren’t enough, the game developers went on to confirm that the guns they showed off aren’t even half of all of the three Foundries’ offerings – for Destiny‘s factions and classes will receive their own unique weapons as well.

With such nuanced and wide-ranging additions to Destiny‘s armory, it’s obvious that Bungie is keeping true to their word of remaining engaged with the popular action-RPG’s community and taking fans’ ideas seriously. Furthermore, after many player complaints about Trials of Osiris’ map selection being too limited, the development team decided to allow for map rotation this weekend, so as to keep the challenges fresh. On top of that, Bungie is now proving that they are keeping their ear to the ground by releasing a collection of fan’s feature requests in the form of a pretty comprehensive community wishlist.

The curated feedback comes courtesy of Chris “Cozmo23” Shannon — Destiny‘s Reddit moderator who got hired as Community Manager for Bungie — as a means to confirm that the developers are indeed listening. Additionally, Shannon goes on to promise that he will personally update the list on a weekly basis. Also, he makes sure to clarify that fans should keep their hopes at a reasonable pitch by not expecting the register to be an official “To-Do List for Bungie.” The most frequent community wishes for Destiny are as follows:

  • Transmogrification
  • Private Crucible Matches
  • Gun Skins
  • Guardian Facial Hair
  • Vault Sorting Options
  • Crucible Map Voting
  • Expanding Faction Interaction
  • Aim Assist Toggle Option
  • Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors
  • Dismantle Consumable Items
  • Additional Matchmaking Options
  • Weapon Rebalancing
  • Material Stack Size Increase
  • Additional Storage/Vault Options

Destiny Warlock The Taken King

Should Destiny fans wish to contribute any other ideas, Bungie is urging players to post a new topic to the game’s Feedback Forum with the hashtag “#CommunityWishList” in order to make culling the selections a faster and easier process for team members. With that in mind, the above list is extremely practical, and gamers ought to be pleased if any of them become regular aspects for the title.

At any rate, the two most important details to be added are definitely the inclusions of a bigger vault space and the increasing of the material stack size. With Destiny being chock full of items, it’s irritating when one has to get rid of something useful in order to carry new equipment just because of an inadequate inventory size. However, Bungie has lots more left to reveal from The Taken King and Update 2.0, so fans should rest easy knowing that most of these appeals will at the very least be addressed some time in the future.

Destiny is currently available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, while its expansion The Taken King is set for release on September 15, 2015 for the aforementioned consoles.

Source: Bungie (via VG 24/7)