Destiny Weekly Reset for November 8: Nightfall, Heroic Strikes, and More


Destiny: Rise of Iron starts up another new week of content for players with the weekly playlist reset and here is everything that you'll need to know about what's new.

With the annual Festival of the Lost event now at an end, things have gone somewhat quiet for the popular sci-fi shooter. Details on what's next for Destiny are slim, though fans are expecting a new Sparrow Racing League event to come sometime early in December. Not only that, Activision recently confirmed that the oft rumored and little known Destiny 2 is still on track for release in 2017. Even a few details about the title and how it plans to keep players engaged more consistently were also revealed.

To keep players motivated and interested, Bungie has been adding new challenges to the Wrath of the Machine raid. This week, Bungie has hinted that a new Aksis specific challenge that uses a somewhat hidden mechanic that helps to supercharge Guardians and stun the big metal beast.

While players wait for the next big event to arrive, they can join Lady Efrideet in the Iron Banner this week. More on that in a bit. For right now, however, the reset has arrived signalling the start of a brand new week of content from quests, to bounties, to new challenges awaiting Guardians. Before you head out to vote today, check out our complete list of all the new playlists, bounties, and everything else going on with Destiny: Rise of Iron for the week of November 8, 2016.

Weekly Nightfall

The Nightfall Strike this week takes players back to the Moon to face off against Malok in The Blighted Chalice, who players may remember after being added in the big April Update earlier this year. This Taken inspired strike sees Malok looking to take over command of the Taken army int he wake of Oryx being vanquished by players from both the main story line and King's Fall raid.

Unlike a few of the other strikes, the Blighted Chalice is fairly straightforward, starting players off in the Phogoth room and having them work backwards until they reach Molok. The important thing to remember is to take it slow and pick off the adds as they come in. Molok ups the difficulty by calling in a lot of adds and adding a debuff to players called Shadow Touched through the four blights around the room. Players should focus on destroying the blights first which stop the adds and clear the debuff from that zone.

Bungie has increased the difficulty this week by leaving out a specific burn type and focusing solely on the following modifiers: Epic, Berserk, Small Arms, Fresh Troops, and Match Game.

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Berserk allows enemies to not flinch, even after taking massive damage.
  • Small Arms puts a focus on special weapon damage so players are encouraged to stock up on special ammo before jumping into this Nightfall.
  • Fresh Troops provides reinforcements to some enemy locations.
  • Finally, Match Game makes enemy shields resistant to an unmatched elemental damage. Make sure to keep a weapon with each elemental type handy just in case.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

Unlike the Nightfall, the SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist does feature a specific burn modifier including these other ones: Heroic, Specialist, and Juggler.

  • Like every week, Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Specialist grants added damage for players who use special weapons.
  • Juggler prevents ammunition from dropping for your equipped weapon, so players should switch between weapons often to ensure plenty of ammo falls.
  • Finally, Solar Burn grants increased solar damage from any and all sources. Players should consider rolling a Gunslinger, Sunsinger, or Sunbreaker subclass to make things a little easier this week.

While the Heroic strike playlist is a great way to potentially earn high light loot and up to 30 additional Legendary Marks, the real reason many run this playlist each week is for the one Radiant Treasure. These treasures are an easy source of silver dust and weapon ornaments such as the new Hoodoom and Dragonsbane for Bad JuJu. Lastly, this playlist also gives a solid chance to earn incredibly rare Skeleton Keys which may drop after a boss is killed.


Crucible Playlist

Mayhem Rumble is the name of the game in the Crucible weekly playlist.

Like a traditional Rumble mode, this is a free for all, but with the added Mayhem modifier, cool downs for supers, melee, and grenades are all significantly reduced. In addition, heavy and special ammo respawn much quicker and all scoring values are multiplied by 10. Just like each week, simply participating in the event awards ten Legendary Marks.

New Bounties

Felwinter Peak is once again a major destination for players as both Tyra Karn and Shiro-4 have tasks to get done. Not only does Tyra Karn serve as the mountain's acting Cryptarch, but she also has the weekly Artifacts of the Iron Lords quest available. By now, players should be well aware that completing actions such as public events or patrol missions in the Plaguelands goes towards finishing this simple quest which then grants a token to be redeemed for one of three artifacts. This week, players can pick from Memory of Felwinter, Memory of Skorri, and Memory of Perun.

  • Memory of Felwinter removes the players super ability but instead grants an extra grenade and melee ability. Not only that, this artifact gives a small boost to all stats and orb pick ups grant melee and grenade energy.
  • Memory of Skorri is a great fireteam artifact as it helps speed up the super regeneration rate for nearby teammates once the players super is full.
  • Memory of Perun highlights enemies who are low on health and other Guardians who have a full super meter.

Felwinter is also home to the Vanguard scout Shiro-4, so players should visit the Exo at the Iron Temple in order to claim his four new Iron Lord bounties along with The Plaguelander quest chain. As for the bounties this week, players can obtain Together We Rise, Pull The Plug, and the last two are Archon's Forge related like always. This week players will need to finish four Servitor and Dreg encounters. Keep in mind that SIVA offering are completely random so players will need to keep trying in order to get Servitor or Dreg specific events.

These bounties also give players a chance to start the Thorn exotic hand cannon quest line, so make sure to finish all four for the best chance.

  • Together We Rise requires that players finish five public events in the Plaguelands. Keep in mind that matches inside of Archon's Forge also count towards this.
  • Pull The Plug tasks Guardians with taking out Fallen leaders, either major or elite enemies. Doing so adds a percentage to a meter and once 100% is reached, the bounty can be claimed.
  • Archon's Forge: Dregs requires that players complete four total Dreg encounters inside of Archon's Forge.
  • Archon's Forge: Servitors requires that players complete four Servitor encounters inside of Archon's Forge.

Players who enjoy Control matches should speak to Lord Shaxx in the Tower this week as he has the Taking Control weekly Crucible bounty available. Taking Control requires that players finish seven Control matches, get 30 advantage kills (kill the enemy when your team is in the lead), capture 15 control points, and earn B-Line, which is basically capturing the middle control point first before the other team. As always, finishing this weekly bounty will grant Nightfall tier rewards, helping players get closer to that maximum light level of 400.

destiny-iron-banner bungie


While the streets of the Tower have been cleaned up from all the candy and masks, attention has returned to the icy peaks of the Iron Temple where Lady Efrideet has at long last returned. The Iron Banner is back again this week with a bunch of new bounties to claim and special rewards for players to earn as well such as the much sought after Clever Dragon pulse rifle. This time around, players will be battling it out in Control, which is also great for those looking to wrap up the weekly Crucible bounty from Shaxx.

In addition, a new Wrath of the Machine challenge has been added, this time featuring the one and only Aksis.

Challenge of the Elders

Sterling Treasure hunters will want to head over to the Reef and talk to Variks to battle it out inside of the level 41 Prison of Elders to claim their weekly offering filled with either Spektar or Desolate gear, chroma, and reputation boosts.

This week, players face a Hive Wretched Knight, Keksis the Betrayed, and a Vex Overmind Minotaur. For Guardians working on the Elder's Sigil in the Challenge of the Elders, the modifiers for this week are: Airborne, Berserk, and a Super Kill bonus.

  • Airborne is back this week and grants bonus damage for players who are in the air.
  • Berserk allows enemies to not flinch, even after taking massive damage.
  • Lastly, all Super Kills award bonus points for killing enemies with super abilities, so make sure to use a subclass that can maximize damage such as the Stormcaller Warlock, Bladedancer Hunter, or Sunbreaker Titan.

Good luck and stay safe out there, Guardians!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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