Destiny Weekly Reset for May 30: Featured Raid, Nightfall, and More

Though a couple weeks have since passed since Bungie finally revealed the first gameplay and a bunch of new details most Destiny fans have eagerly looking for, news and speculation continues to appear for Destiny 2 almost on a daily basis. Lost Sectors, new open world quests players can undertake on the four new locations within Destiny 2 are hand crafted by the studio and world designers like Steve Cotton. However, Cotton has mentioned that he's a fan of procedurally generated content, and wouldn't rule it out as a possibility down the road.

Weapons and weapon slots have also gotten an overhaul in the sequel, including the possibility of equipping two of the same type of weapons like hand cannons in the two main weapon slots. Thanks to a certain quote by project lead Mark Noseworthy, fans have started to speculate that the developer may have added Akimbo specific weapons into the game, or perhaps specific weapons that function better when paired together.

destiny 2 pvp match start

With E3 now right around the corner and the game's eventual release not far after that, many of these questions will likely be answered sooner rather than later. Until then however, the weekly reset in Destiny has once again returned. Players looking for new things to do now have a whole list of quests, bounties, and events to push through for the next seven days. Here's everything you need to know for the week of May 30, 2017.

Featured Raid

Following in the wake of Crota's End, players can once again enter the Vault of Glass on Venus for a chance to earn some of that sweet exclusive 390 raid gear and weapons. As always, the Vault of Glass specific items are around for the next seven days, when the next reset closes the doors and Oryx arrives once more.

As expected, the Vault of Glass brings both of its challenges with it this week centered around the Templar and Atheon. Here’s what to do to complete both challenge requirements this week:

  • Templar Challenge – The fireteam must prevent the Templar from teleporting once during combat.
  • Atheon Challenge – Each member of the fireteam must kill the Oracle once during every teleport phase of this fight.

Weekly Vanguard Nightfall

This week in the Nightfall, players are heading to Mars to storm the Dust Palace and put an end to the Cabal Psion Flayer threat that looms there. Originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive strike, it finally opened up to everyone starting in 2015.

Destiny Dust Palace

The strike itself is fairly straightforward, unlike many of the newer missions to have been added since that time. Players start off in an abandoned city in the Hollows, battling through a handful of Vex to get into a large complex known as the Dust Palace. Once inside, players will be exclusively facing off against Cabal soldiers, following the marker and running from point to point until the Cortex is reached.

Inside the Cortex, the final fight begins against the three Psion Flayers, who move quick, hit hard, and are flanked by waves of Cabal reinforcements. Flayer elemental types can be seen based on the color of their cloak and with Match Game enabled this week, players will want to make sure they have a void, solar, and arc based weapon ready to be switched on the fly. Continue to move and make sure to match elemental damage to make this fight go a bit faster than normal.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Match Game makes enemy shields immune to damage that doesn’t match its element type.
  • Small Arms increases primary weapon damage while slightly decreasing special and heavy weapon damage.
  • Chaff removes player radar.
  • Berserk prevents enemies from flinching even after taking massive damage.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

Unlike the Nightfall, the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike playlist features a burn modifier this week, so players are encouraged to equip a Gunslinger, Sunsinger, or Sunbreaker subclass this week. Completing this playlist once each week earns players a Treasure of Ages loot box and 30 Legendary Marks as well as a shot. For many, the allure of getting those rare Skeleton Keys, is enough reason alone to jump into this playlist.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Brawler increases Guardian melee damage.
  • Berserk prevents enemies from flinching even after taking massive damage.
  • Solar Burn increases all solar based damage from any source.

Weekly Story Playlist

Players looking for something a little different should check out the Weekly Story Playlist. Introduced with the Age of Triumph update, the playlist remixes classic story missions by adding new challenge modifiers around a new theme each week. Not only that, finishing just one mission each week gives a guaranteed Treasure of Ages reward box as well as legendary marks as well.


The theme in the playlist this week is The Iron Lords, so naturally, one should expect plenty of story moments from the most recent expansion pack, Rise of Iron.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Void Burn greatly increases all void based damage from any source.
  • Small Arms increases primary weapon damage while slightly decreasing special and heavy weapon damage.

Weekly Crucible Playlist

After a very short break, Mayhem returns to the featured Crucible playlist once more. This week, players can earn an easy Treasure of Ages loot box along with more Legendary Marks for playing Mayhem Rumble. For those unaware, the Mayhem modifier reduces all ability and super cool downs as well as speeding up ammo drops around the map.

Keeping in line with the weekly rotation of Crucible modes introduced in Age of Triumph, new Crucible modes are now available. The modes this week are:

  • Clash
  • Rift
  • Elimination
  • Skirmish
  • Rumble Supremacy

Iron Temple and Tower Bounties

Starting at the Iron Temple, Tyra Karn is offering the usual weekly quest, which tasks players with performing "good deeds" around the plaguelands in exchange for a token to be redeemed on three new Iron Lord Artifacts. All players need to do is simply kill enemies, finish patrols, and take part in public events. This week, the Cryptarch is offering:

  • Memory of Jolder completely removes the sprint cooldown penalty, letting players sprint forever if they want.
  • Memory of Silimar provides players with a greater resistance to damage-over-time attacks in the Crucible.
  • Memory of Timur gives a chance to convert minor enemies against its allies when hit with a melee strike.

Next up is Shiro-4, who again has his weekly patrol quest along with four new Iron Bounties as well. For players still looking to start the Thorn exotic quest line, make sure to turn in all four for a shot at it. Here's what he's offering this week:

  • Together We Rise requires players to complete five public events in the Plaguelands.
  • Pull The Plug requires that players kill a certain percentage of Fallen Splicer major and ultra enemies. Look for the yellow health bar on this one.
  • Archon's Forge: Captains requires players to complete four Captain encounters inside of Archon's Forge.
  • Archon's Forge: Servitors requires players to complete four Servitor encounters inside of Archon's Forge.

The Tower

Next up is The Tower and its Crucible handler, Lord Shaxx. As expected, Shaxx has another two Crucible specific bounties ready to go, focusing on Rift and Class. Here's how to complete both:

  • Back to Basics requires players to finish seven Clash matches, get 50 primary kills, 25 assisted kills, and 25 ability kills.
  • A Game of Rift needs players to finish 7 matches, earn 50 kills, 25 assists, and stop the runner once.

Finally, Commander Zavala has his usual three strike elite bounties for players looking to jump into some strikes this week. Sunrise and Strike Elite can once again be completed along with the return of Make a Rainbow.

Here's what players need to do to finish each one:

  • Sunrise - Earn a Gold Tier Medal before time expires in the Nightfall Strike.
  • Make A Rainbow – Earn primary, special, and heavy kill streaks by killing three enemies in a row and then rotate through all three weapon types before repeating to earn a Rainbow medal. For more help, our guide can be found here.
  • Strike Elite - Earn 9 total medals for finishing off Strike missions through a combination of Gold Tier,  Silver Tier, or Bronze Tier Medals.

As an alternative to the Nightfall, these weekly Strike and Crucible bounties are alternative ways to earn Nightfall tier rewards and loot that will help get closer to that maximum light level of 400. The Icebreaker exotic quest also has a small chance to be started by turning in the Sunrise bounty each week.

 Challenge of the Elders

Before heading off to fight The Darkness, head over to The Reef to get started with the Challenge of the Elders. Speak to the merchant Variks to receive an Elder's Sigil, which opens the arena to a fireteam looking for exclusive House of Wolves specific gear and other high powered loot.

Destiny Reef Social Space - Dock

Thankfully, things have returned to normal somewhat after a tough set of modifiers last week. Here are the active modifiers for this week in the arena:

  • Small Arms increases primary weapon damage while slightly decreasing special and heavy weapon damage.
  • Ironclad provides more shields to enemies.
  • All Precision Kills award bonus points.

And that wraps up another week of content, Guardians. Enjoy!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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