Destiny Weekly Reset for May 2: Featured Raid, Nightfall, and More

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News continues to be slow going, as fans eagerly count down the days until the live stream reveal of Destiny 2. For now, little is known as to what Bungie is planning to show off, though the studio has confirmed that PC gameplay will be shown off for the first time during this event alongside the traditional PlayStation 4 version as well. This will be the first times fans can see the game running at maximum settings with 60FPS and high fidelity visuals.

Destiny fans and influencers across the globe were also given a special surprise this week as mysterious packages were received by many holding a Cayde-6 pre-order figure as well as an official invite to the main livestream event. While no details were provided, some clues may have been hidden in the package including an invitation sealed by a blackened Ghost and a card with a message welcoming the individual to a world without light. In the current game, Guardians increased their power and abilities using the light from the Traveler, so could these be a hint at some story or gameplay elements for Destiny 2?

While fans continue to wait for sequel news, another week has come to Destiny, bringing new quests, bounties, and content for players to explore. Here's everything players need to know for the week of May 2, 2017.

Featured Raid

This week in Destiny, the focus has shifted back to Atheon, as the popular Vault of Glass raid is once again featured, bringing with it all of the exclusive 390 raid gear and weapons.

With the Vault of Glass comes both of its challenges centered around the Templar and Atheon itself. Here's what to do to satisfy both challenge requirements this week:

  • Templar Challenge - The fireteam must prevent the Templar from teleporting once during combat.
  • Atheon Challenge - Each member of the fireteam must kill the Oracle once during every teleport phase of this fight.

As usual, players have only seven days to earn the raid specific loot as the next Destiny reset showcases a new raid. Next week brings a rematch between Oryx and the King's Fall.

Weekly Vanguard Nightfall

After unleashing chaos with the Daybreak modifier last week, things have returned to normal in the Nightfall this week. Things get a little tough this week as Omnigul and The Will of Crota is the mission that players will need to overcome.

Omnigul Destiny

Officially remastered as part of The Dawning season event this past December, The Will of Crota got a little bump in difficulty thanks to the Fallen being completely removed in favor of some Hive heavy hitters like Knights and Ogres. New Hive traps have been meticulously placed around the first area as well, causing a debuff slow effect to afflict players for a short time. Wizards follow the trio of Ogres next, followed by the addition of Devil Splicers before players eventually arrive at the Jovian Complex for the next phase of the fight.

This next section is fairly similar to the older version, with more debuff traps placed around the area. As players fight up the hill and eventually into Omnigul's chamber, the doors close behind, trapping the fireteam in the room and removing the previously used cheese spot to make the fight much easier. Various waves appear in between each Omnigul battle, with enemy types increasing in difficulty until the Hive general finally goes down. During this segment, teams will need to stay mobile and use close quarter weapons like shotguns to make the adds a bit more manageable.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Brawler enhances Guardian melee damage.
  • Grounded causes players to take more damage while in the air.
  • Chaff removes player radar.
  • Match Game makes enemy shields resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

Unfortunately for fans, the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike playlist is also without a traditional burn modifier, though the other active settings are not nearly as difficult as the Nightfall. In addition to scoring some great loot, the first time completing a mission in this playlist earns players a Treasure of Ages, which is essentially a grab bag of gear and items from all previous collections. As always, players can earn 30 Legendary Marks, along with rare Skeleton Keys which have a better chance at dropping in the SIVA Heroic Crisis playlist outside of finishing the Nightfall.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Specialist enhances special weapon damage while slightly decreasing damage from primary and heavy weapons.
  • Chaff removes player radar.
  • Airborne enhances player damage while in the air.

Weekly Story Playlist

Players looking for a remixed experience of the core story missions should look no further than the new Weekly Story Playlist. Added only recently in the Age of Triumph update, a random story mission based on a theme of the current week is selected with an increased light level requirement and new modifiers to remix the mission. As a reward for overcoming the greater challenges, players can earn legendary marks as well as a Treasure of Ages reward box for the first time completion during the week.

Destiny House of Wolves Fallen

The Story Playlist this week focuses on missions based on the Earth and Moon, which covers the vanilla missions as well as any expansion missions as well.

Here are the active modifiers this week:

  • Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Ironclad adds additional shields to enemies.
  • Grounded causes players to take more damage while in the air.

Weekly Crucible Playlist

With the reset comes a whole different batch of Crucible modes to check out. Since the launch of Age of Triumph, the Crucible has removed certain modes and added in a rotating weekly set to help bring the remaining player base together. Here's what to expect this week in the Crucible.

For the week of May 2, the featured weekly mode is Combined Arms. This Control style match only features the biggest maps in the game, as Vehicles like Pikes and Inteceptors are available for use, adding another wrinkle into the tried and true capture the point gameplay.

As for the other available Crucible modes this week, the selection is as follows:

  • Clash
  • Rift
  • Elimination
  • Skirmish
  • Rumble Supremacy

Iron Temple and Tower Bounties

As expected, Tyra Karn is again offering one of three Iron Lord Artifacts in exchange for help around the Plaguelands by finishing her weekly Artifacts of the Iron Lords quest. remain the same as they were last week. Players looking for a high intellect role artifact will want to check out Perun this week. Here are the three available artifacts this week:

  • Memory of Gheleon gives the players an enhanced radar, even when aiming down the sights.
  • Memory of Radegast enables players to reflect energy-based projectiles when guarding with a sword in addition to increased ammo capacity. With this artifact, players are able to reflect a lot of projectiles including a Warlock nova bomb, rockets, grenades, and much more.
  • Memory of Timur gives a chance to convert minor enemies against its allies when hit with a melee strike.
rise of iron felwinter peak

The Vanguard scout Shiro-4 has four more Iron Lord bounties this week including his weekly Plaguelands quest, where he sends players out to finishe up a variety of patrols. Two of his bounties this week may look familiar for players wrapping up content this week:

  • Shock It To Me tasks players with using arc damage to kill a certain number of Fallen Splicers.
  • Pull The Plug tasks Guardians with taking out Fallen leaders, either major or elite enemies. Doing so adds a percentage to a meter and once 100% is reached, the bounty can be claimed.
  • Archon's Forge: Vandals requires players to complete four Vandal encounters inside of Archon's Forge.
  • Archon's Forge: Captains requires players to complete four Captain encounters inside of Archon's Forge.

Don't forget that by finishing these bounties, players have a slight chance at starting the Thorn exotic quest line. It's one of four that is needed to finish off the four exotic quests condition in the Rise of Iron record book.

Tower Content

Stop by the Tower before heading out into combat as Lord Shaxx has new gear, content, and bounties for eager competitive players. The week has changed and so to has both of the Crucible bounties Shaxx is offering. This week puts a spotlight back on Clash and Rift, and here's how to complete both:

  • Back To Basics finish seven clash matches, get 50 kills with a primary weapon, 25 assists, and 25 ability kills.
  • A Game of Rift requires players to finish seven rift matches, get 50 kills with a primary weapon, earn 25 assists, and stop the orb runner at least once.

Head down the hall a bit further to find the Titan vanguard, Commander Zavala with his weekly strike elite bounties. Along with both Sunrise and Strike Elite, Zavala is also offering Make a Rainbow as the third bounty. Here's what players need to do this week:

  • Sunrise - Earn a Gold Tier Medal before time expires in the Nightfall Strike.
  • Make A Rainbow - Earn primary, special, and heavy kill streaks by killing three enemies in a row and then rotate through all three weapon types before repeating to earn a Rainbow medal. For more help, our guide can be found here.
  • Strike Elite - Earn 9 total medals for finishing off Strike missions through a combination of Gold Tier,  Silver Tier, or Bronze Tier Medals.
destiny dawning icebreaker ornament

For players not interested in the Nightfall, these weekly Strike and Crucible bounties are alternative ways to earn Nightfall tier rewards and loot that will help get closer to that maximum light level of 400. The Icebreaker exotic quest also has a small chance to be started by turning in the Sunrise bounty each week.

 Challenge of the Elders

Last up this week is the Challenge of the Elders playlist, where a fireteam squares off against a three round boss battle. The event can be started by visiting Varik's in The Reef, where a trio of bounties can be grabbed along with the Elder's Sigil as well.

This week in the arena, things are going to be particularly difficult. Here are the featured modifiers:

  • Specialist enhances special weapon damage while slightly decreasing damage from primary and heavy weapons.
  • Trickle significantly reduces the recharge rate for Guardian abilities.
  • All Super Kills award bonus points.

And that wraps up another week of content, Guardians. Enjoy!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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