Destiny Weekly Reset for May 16: Featured Raid, Nightfall, and More


The week many Destiny fans have been waiting for has finally arrived as the first gameplay reveal for Destiny 2 kicks off in two days. Since it was revealed for the first time two months ago, speculation has run wild as to what Bungie will be showing off ahead of E3 2017. The studio has already confirmed that PC as well as PS4 footage will be shown off, leading many to believe the livestream will be regulated to PvE content instead of Crucible multiplayer. Either way, the many questions that have appeared will finally have answers.

As the last remaining days before the big reveal tick down, the current iteration of Destiny continues on as well, though a 4 hour maintenance period has been scheduled tomorrow, perhaps to tighten up a major glitch that was recently discovered. Striker titans have recently discovered that it's possible to execute a melee shoulder charge without first having to build momentum through sprinting. These instant shoulder charges could could negatively impact the delicate balance online and is surely something that Bungie intends to fix as soon as possible.

Before heading into the chaos of the Crucible, a new week in Destiny brings all sorts of new content with it like quests, bounties, and events for players to check out. Here's everything players need to know for the week of May 16, 2017.

Featured Raid

As expected, the featured raid this week has shifted to the newest of the bunch, Wrath of the Machine. Fans should already be pretty familiar with this one considering that it launched with last year’s expansion content, Rise of Iron. Fans who missed out on this opportunity four weeks ago now have seven days to finish the newly enhanced raid for a chance to earn exclusive 390 raid gear and weapons before it goes back into the vault for another four weeks.


With Wrath of the Machine comes two challenges to overcome, one with Aksis, the Archon Prime, and the other with his Archpriest, Vosik. Here's what players need to do in order to complete both challenges while playing the raid:

  • Vosik Challenge – Teams must occupy all four Clean Rooms and close them using the bombs (not guns) that drop during the damage phase before Vosik is killed.
  • Aksis Challenge – The fireteam must supercharge during every Aksis teleport and players cannot miss a stun on Aksis at any point during the encounter.

Weekly Vanguard Nightfall

This week in the Nightfall, players are heading to Venus to tackle the Winter's Run strike where the Fallen House of Winter are looking to resurrect an Archon Priest on Venus. Originally introduced in the House of Wolves expansion pack, Winter's Run received a significant update with the April Update last year.

While the strike remains largely intact with how fans remember it as players will first head over to the ember caves to fight through the former Fallen lair, which has since been invaded by the Taken. Continue following the path and taking down enemies to increase the score counter. The first major test should come inside of the first open area as both Fallen and taken are battling each other. For best results, players should stay up high and let the Taken come to them. Stay in cover and pick them off as they get closer.

April Update Winters Run

The final area of the mission is against the Archon Priest himself, only this time he is in Taken form. Considering the tools at his disposal, players are advised to keep their distance as not only does that reduce his effectiveness, but it’s much easier to dodge those Darkness Bolts. New enemies appear at certain intervals when the bosses health drops to certain points, though these adds are health gated so once they’re gone, they won’t respawn.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Specialist increases special weapon damage while slightly decreases primary and heavy weapon damage.
  • Chaff removes player radar.
  • Ironclad provides shields to more enemies than usual.
  • Exposure significantly increases Guardian shields but prevents them from recharging.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

Once again this week, the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike playlist is home to a burn modifier, adding a boost to any types of solar based damage. Don't forget that for completing this playlist once every week, players earn a Treasure of Ages loot box. In addition, 30 Legendary Marks are up for grab as well as a shot at rare Skeleton Keys which have a better chance at dropping in the SIVA Heroic Crisis playlist outside of finishing the Nightfall.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Specialist increases special weapon damage while slightly decreases primary and heavy weapon damage.
  • Fresh Troops adds more enemies than usual to the mission.
  • Solar Burn all solar based damage from any source is increased.

Weekly Story Playlist

Players looking for something a little different should check out the Weekly Story Playlist, which was added to the Director screen as part of the Age of Triumph update. The playlist is a remix of sorts, taking existing story missions from the game and adding challenge modifiers each week based around a certain theme. For the time and effort, players can earn earn legendary marks as well as a Treasure of Ages reward box for first time completion each week.

destiny crotas end new armor

The playlist this week focuses on the theme of Dark Champions. While it's not very specific, expect to see missions geared towards fighting some sort of boss or epic enemy at the end of the level.

The active modifiers this week are:

  • Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Solar Burn increases all solar based damage from any source.
  • Brawler greatly increases Guardian melee damage.

Weekly Crucible Playlist

Even though Lady Efrideet and the Iron Banner is all packed up for another month, things have not quite returned to normal back in the Crucible. Mayhem Clash, which made its Iron Banner debut last week, is back again as the featured Crucible playlist this week. Players who want to keep the chaos going can certainly do so and earn a Treasure of Ages while they're at it.

Keeping in line with the weekly rotation of Crucible modes introduced in Age of Triumph, new Crucible modes are now available.

The modes this week are:

  • Clash
  • Rift
  • Elimination
  • Skirmish
  • Rumble Supremacy

Iron Temple and Tower Bounties

At this point it should be no surprise that Trya Karn, Iron Temple Cryptarch, is offering three new Iron Lord Artifacts to Guardians in exchange for performing a number of good deeds around the mountainside. Deed include killing Splicers, finishing patrols, and participating in Public Events including Archon's Forge. Once finished, a token can be redeemed on the following three artifacts this week:

  • Memory of Perun highlights enemies with low health and other guardians who have a full super meter.
  • Memory of Timur gives a small chance to convert a minor enemy of the darkness against its enemies after getting hit by a melee strike.
  • Memory of Felwinter removes the players super meter, but provides a small boost to all stats, grants an extra grenade, and melee strike. Not only that, all orb pickups recharge grenade and melee energy.

Shiro-4, Vanguard Scout, also has work for Guardians, first tasking them to finish various types of Patrols in The Plaguelands in exchange for high powered gear. In addition, the exo has four weekly bounties to finish up as well, with each one that is turned in, offering a slight change at starting the Thorn exotic quest line. Here's what he's offering this week:

  • Together We Rise requires players to complete five public events in the Plaguelands.
  • Pull The Plug requires that players kill a certain percentage of Fallen Splicer major and ultra enemies. Look for the yellow health bar on this one.
  • Archon's Forge: Vandals requires players to complete four Vandal encounters inside of Archon's Forge.
  • Archon's Forge: Servitors requires players to complete four Servitor encounters inside of Archon's Forge.

Tower Content

The Tower remains a must visit location before heading out into the wilds, as Lord Shaxx has new gear and bounties to check out. This week, Shaxx is offering bounties for CLash and Rift. Here's how to finish both:

  • Back to Basics requires players to finish seven Clash matches, get 50 primary kills, 25 assisted kills, and 25 ability kills.
  • A Game of Rift needs players to finish 7 matches, earn 50 kills, 25 assists, and stop the runner once.

Last but not least, Commander Zavala is offering his usual three strike elite bounties for those interested in running through strike missions. As usual, both Sunrise and Strike Elite are available, along with Simply Perfect.

Destiny Lord Shaxx

Here's what players need to do to finish each one:

  • Sunrise - Earn a Gold Tier Medal before time expires in the Nightfall Strike.
  • Simply Perfect – Earn Flawless medals by completing a SIVA Crisis strike without an fireteam member going down.
  • Strike Elite - Earn 9 total medals for finishing off Strike missions through a combination of Gold Tier,  Silver Tier, or Bronze Tier Medals.

As an alternative to the Nightfall, these weekly Strike and Crucible bounties are alternative ways to earn Nightfall tier rewards and loot that will help get closer to that maximum light level of 400. The Icebreaker exotic quest also has a small chance to be started by turning in the Sunrise bounty each week.

 Challenge of the Elders

Fans of arena combat should head to The Reef to speak with the reformed Fallen, Variks, who offers his weekly Elder's Sigil for those interested in taking part in the Challenge of the Elders. Not only does this PvE mode offer high light level loot, but players can also score exclusive House of Wolves specific gear as well.

Here are the featured modifiers this week in the arena:

  • Small Arms increases primary weapon damage while slightly decreasing special and heavy weapon damage.
  • Catapult greatly increases the grenade recharge rate.
  • All Melee Kills award bonus points.

And that wraps up another week of content, Guardians. Enjoy!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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