Destiny: Rise of Iron kicks off another new week of content for players with the weekly playlist reset, and here is everything that one needs to know for January 10, 2017.

After an exciting past couple of weeks, things have significantly slowed down for players in Destiny: Rise of Iron and unfortunately, there isn’t much on the immediate horizon to look forward to.

As fans continue to wait for Bungie to reveal the future, more traditional events such as the Iron Banner should be making a return soon. The uncertainty starts to creepy in when considering larger scale events and the fact that there now appears to be a ticking clock with this current game as a full scale sequel is being readied for release sometime later this year.

While details have been fairly scarce regarding the next game in the franchise, Activision has previously gone on record not just to confirm that the new game is coming in 2017, but the publisher has also hinted at a number of interesting and potential gameplay tweaks. Designed to not only excite longtime players, but newcomers as well, both Bungie and Activision have appeared to learn from the past experience and have a plan in place to streaming new content into the game to keep players engaged throughout the year.


If the past is anything to go by, fans probably should expect to hear any additional news or confirmations like the rumored PC version regarding Destiny 2 before E3 2017. In the meantime however, the world of Destiny has been reset once again with fresh new content for players to play. Here’s a closer look at all the new playlists, bounties, and everything in between for the week of January 10, 2017.

Weekly Nightfall

Players are taking a trip back into Old Russia this week in the Nightfall as the newest strike, The Wretched Eye is back in the spotlight. Originally introduced a few months ago as part of the Rise of Iron expansion, players need to take down a Fallen warpriest known as Kovik, who is running some twisted experiments on the Hive including an ogre.

Upon loading into the zone, players will need to take down SIVA nodes, protected by pockets of Fallen splicers. Once the nodes are taken care of, players will descend further into Bunker Triglav, eventually coming face to face with a heavily modified ogre. This is when things get a bit tricky.

For now, the ogre is chained up, unable to move and thankfully, without its eye. The bad news is that the eye has been removed and is being used by Kovik as a weapon. As such, Kovik is able to shoot quickly and deal serious amounts of damage to players left out in the open. At a certain point during the fight, the ogre will become free, though without its eye, it won’t be able to fire at players. To make up for this fact, the ogre is much faster than normal players, and invulnerable to damage. Players should continue to move, taking out adds, ignoring and avoiding the ogre, while focusing damage on Kovik until he goes down.

rise of iron the wretched eye strike ogre

For more tips and tricks for beating this strike, make sure to check out our guide.

If a sightless ogre wasn’t bad enough, this Nightfall strike also sports the following active modifiers: Epic, Brawler, Fresh Troops, Match Game, and Exposure.

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Brawler increases damage for melee attacks.
  • Fresh Troops adds additional enemies to certain groups within the level.
  • Match Game makes enemy shields immune to damage that doesn’t match its element type.
  • Finally, Exposure greatly increases Guardian shields, but they no longer recharge after taking damage.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

This week, Void Burn returns to the SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist, which should hopefully make things a little bit easier for players using void based damage. Here are the other active modifiers this week in the playlist: Heroic, Small Arms, and Fresh Troops.

  • Like every week, Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Void Burn amplifies all damage from void sources. Obviously, picking a void based subclass like Nightstalker, Defender, or Voidwalker should make things slightly easier..
  • Small Arms favors damage from primary weapons.
  • Lastly, Fresh Troops grants some enemy squads with additional reinforcements.

Keep in mind that the SIVA Crisis playlist is a great way to earn valuable high level light loot and score an easy 30 Legendary Marks.

Radiant Treasure boxes remain the easiest way to acquire Silver Dust and new weapon ornaments. Players looking for those incredibly rare Skeleton Keys received a small boost in drop rate thanks to The Dawning as well. While the SIVA Heroic Crisis playlist is still the best way to obtain a key, finishing the Nightfall once per week now guarantees a drop.

Crucible Playlist

This week in the Crucible, players have two very different options to pick from. First up is Zone Control, a variant of the normal control match where two teams still fight over holding three capture points on a map. The difference here is that kills don’t matter, so teams are only able to earn points through capturing and holding the points.

Rumble Supremacy is the other featured match this week, and is simply a free for all version of Supremacy, so players will still need to kill and pick up dropped emblems from enemies.


Tower and Iron Temple Bounties

The Iron Temple at Felwinter Peak has its usual quest and bounties to stock up on and should be one of the first places players visit every Tuesday. The local Cryptarch known as Tyra Karn and the Vanguard scout Shiro-4 have new bounties and quests to complete. Once again, Tyra Karn has her weekly Artifacts of the Iron Lords quest available asking players to simply do good deeds around The Plaguelands like finishing patrols and other actions to earn a token. These tokens can then be redeemed for one of three artifacts which include: Memory of Perun, Memory of Timur, and Memory of Felwinter.

  • Memory of Perun highlights enemies with low health and other guardians who have a full super meter.
  • Memory of Timur gives a small chance to turn a minor enemy into an ally temporarily after a melee hit.
  • Memory of Felwinter removes the players super meter, but provides a small boost to all stats, grants an extra grenade, and melee strike. Not only that, all orb pickups recharge grenade and melee energy.

The Vanguard scout Shiro-4 has has a number of things for players to take care of as well including his weekly Plaguelander quest which also puts a focus on patrol activities around The Plaguelands. It’s another light Archon’s Forge bounty week for guardians as Shiro has three Plaguelands specific challenges and only one focused specifically on Archon’s Forge. This week he has: Shock It To Me, Anti-Splicer, Crushing Blows, and Archon’s Forge: Dregs.

As usual, these bounties are the only way to have a chance at earning the Thorn exotic quest line, one of four that is needed to finish off the four exotic quests in the Rise of Iron record book.

  • Shock It To Me requires that players kill Fallen splicers using arc damage. Using the Zhalo Supercell or an Arc based subclass will help finish this bounty off incredibly quickly.
  • Anti-Splicer tasks players with finishing 10 patrol missions in The Plaguelands. Worth pairing with The Plaguelander weekly quest to finish both at the same time.
  • Crushing Blows asks players to kill enemies with the Iron Hammer or other heavy weapon types. Easiest way to do this is in Archon’s Forge or by doing Quarantine patrols.
  • Archon’s Forge: Dregs requires players to complete four Dreg encounters inside of Archon’s Forge.

Destiny screenshot - Tower titan

The Tower is also a required visit this week for more weekly quests and bounties to take care of. First up, make sure to stop by and say hi to Lord Shaxx as the Crucible handler is placing a focus on the Control match type with the Taking Control bounty. Here’s how to finish it:

  • Taking Control asks that players finish seven control matches, earn 30 kills when your team has the advantage, capture 15 points, and also capture point B first in a match.

Keep in mind that finishing these weekly Crucible bounty is a very easy way to earn Nightfall tier rewards and loot that will help players get closer to that maximum light level of 400.

New Strike Scoring bounties are also available this week with Commander Zavala in the Vanguard area of the Tower. As expected, both Sunrise and Strike Elite are available once more along with the return of Make A Rainbow.

  • Sunrise – Earn a Gold Tier Medal before time expires in the Nightfall Strike.
  • Make a Rainbow – Rapidly earn Primary, Special, and Heavy Streak Medals to earn a Rainbow Medal. Do this ten times.
  • Strike Elite – Earn 9 Gold Tier, Silver Tier, or Bronze Tier Medals.

As a reminder, the Icebreaker exotic quest has a chance to be started by turning in the Sunrise bounty each week.

 Challenge of the Elders

Players in search of Sterling Treasure should head to the Reef to speak with Variks and enter his Prison of Elders. For Guardians working on the Elder’s Sigil in the Challenge of the Elders, the modifiers for this week are pretty favorable featuring the modifiers: Specialist, Chaff, and a bonus for getting grenade kills.

  • Specialist increases damage for secondary weapons.
  • Chaff completely removes the player radar.
  • Lastly, all Grenade Kills award bonus points.


Unfortunately, things are still pretty quiet in the world of Destiny. As it stands, Bungie isn’t quite ready to reveal what it’s planning for Guardians. In the meantime, while visiting all these vendors at the Tower, don’t forget to find that newly added ghost inside the recently opened Traveler’s Walk.

The new week also means the raid challenge has swapped once more as Vosik and his SIVA charges are now standing in the way. Make sure to check our guide for tips and tricks on overcoming this challenge.

As always, good luck and stay safe out there, Guardians!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.