Destiny Weekly Reset for December 6: Nightfall, Heroic Strikes, and More


Destiny: Rise of Iron kicks off another new week of content for players with the weekly playlist reset and here is everything that you'll need to know for December 6.

Fans finally got what they were seeking this past weekend at the PlayStation Experience as Bungie finally revealed its immediate plans for the world of Destiny: Rise of Iron. While many players expected to see Sparrow Racing League news, the announcement contained a lot more content than many believed they'd be seeing.

Known as The Dawning, this holiday inspired event bring new themed items into the fold such as a snow globe helmet along with new weapon ornaments, armor, shaders, emblems and weapon exotics such as Abbadon, Nova Mortis, and the newly updated and still massively popular Ice Breaker sniper rifle.

destiny dawning icebreaker ornament

Content wise, The Dawning is split into two parts: Strike Scoring and the aforementioned Sparrow Racing League. SRL is back this year with four new tracks and new gear to collect including all new sparrows. Strike Scoring adds a new element to strikes in that actions now visibly reward points similar to Prison of Elders or the Crucible. Players can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals at the end of a strike which reward specific gear based on the tier. Both activities have their own bounties to complete along with a shared record book with specific rewards tied to the various levels.

So while players wait for the new winter event to kick off next week, there's still plenty left to do this week in Destiny. With the weekly reset finally upon us, here is the complete list of all the new playlists, bounties, and everything in between for the week of December 6, 2016.

Weekly Nightfall

First up this week is the Nightfall strike which takes players back to Old Russia to face off against Omnigul. Introduced all the way back in The Dark Below expansion, The Will of Crota tasks players with taking out Omnigul, one of Crota's chief lieutenants, as she attempts to reawaken his army beneath the Cosmodrome.

The challenge of this strike comes at the end when Omnigul makes her appearance. When her health gets to certain points, she summons reinforcements, so fireteams will need to keep tabs on the amount of enemies in the room or else run the risk of being overwhelmed. It's recommended that Guardians focus fire on the added enemies first, then Omnigul who general likes to stay on the raised catwalk. When health runs low, retreat back to the hallway before Omnigul's room to allow health to regenerate.

Interestingly enough, this will be one of the last times players will be facing off with this version of The Will of Crota. With The Dawning next week, a number of Strikes are getting refreshed and updates. In addition to The Will of Crota, both The Shadow Thief and Nexus are getting the remastered treatment as well. For players who thought Omnigul was mean, she's only going to get worse after next week.


Here are the active modifiers for this week: Epic, Arc Burn, Small Arms, Grounded, and Ironclad.

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Arc Burn greatly increases arc (electricity) based damage from any source. Remember that this goes both ways and is not only for Guardians so equip Bladedancer, Striker, or Stormcaller for best results.
  • Small Arms favors damage from primary weapons. Considering Arc Burn is active as well, this would be a great time to use the Zhalo Supercell.
  • Grounded adds increased damage to players in the air.
  • Finally, Ironclad gives enemies increased shields.

SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

This week, the SVIA Crisis playlist also contains a burn modifier, but unlike the Nightfall, its focused on Void damage. To make things a little harder, the playlist also features the following modifiers: Heroic, Brawler, and Ironclad.

  • Like every week, Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and in greater numbers than normal.
  • Void Burn greatly increases void based damage from any source. For this, players may want to consider void subclasses to make things a little easier. Look to the Defender, Vouidwalker, or Nightstalker subclasses.
  • Brawler increases Guardian melee damage.
  • Lastly, Ironclad is back again and still gives enemies increased shields.

Like each and every week, the SIVA Crisis playlist is a great way to earn valuable high level light loot and score an easy 30 Legendary Marks. The new Radiant Treasure boxes are also a main draw and the easiest way to acquire Silver Dust and new weapon ornaments. Though it's still pretty rare, players have an opportunity to earn a Skeleton Key which unlocks new loot at the end of strikes.

destiny taken king mayhem preview

Crucible Playlist

Embrace the chaos this week as Mayhem Rumble is back as the featured weekly Crucible mode. Since Iron Banner is back this week (more on that below), players will find this inside of the Crucible menu from The Director screen.

While this still is a free for all type mode, the twist with this game type is that everything recharges much faster. Players gain access to their melee abilities, grenades, and supers a lot faster than normal, which adds an element of unpredictability to matches. Not only that, scores totals are greatly increased and ammo crates recharge much, much faster as well. Don't forget that up to 30 Legendary Marks can be earned from playing this.

New Bounties

The first stop this week should be the Iron Temple at Felwinter Peak where both Tyra Karn and Shiro-4 are waiting to hand over new things to do. As usual, the Cryptarch Tyra Karn is offering the weekly Artifacts of the Iron Lords quest where players finish patrols and other actions to earn a token that can be redeemed for one of three artifacts. For those still collecting these artifacts, Tyra has Memory of Gheleon, Memory of Skorri, and Memory of Radegast available this week.

  • Memory of Gheleon grants a detailed radar similar to Keen Scout with Nightstalker hunters and keeps the radar active when aiming down the sights. For players without MIDA Multi-Tool, this can be a very valuable artifact.
  • Memory of Skorri recharges nearby allied super meters when your super meter is completely full.
  • Memory of Radegast increases sword ammo capacity and grants the ability to deflect energy projectiles away with a sword. This includes most projectiles as well including grenades, rockets, and supers like Nova Bomb.

Shiro-4 has the weekly Plaguelander quest available which focuses on finishing various Patrols around The Plaguelands along with these four Iron Bounties: Anti-Splicer, Pull The Plug, Crushing Blows, and Together We Rise. Surprisingly, Shiro isn't carrying any Archon's Forge bounties this week, so players who dislike that mode or perhaps are tired of it, this is a great week to grab these bounties.

Players looking to finish off the four exotic quests in the Rise of Iron record book should keep in mind that these bounties also give a chance to start the Thorn exotic quest line.

  • Anti-Splicer can be completed once 10 Patrols have been finished. Easy enough for those working on the Plaguelander quest chain as well. 
  • Pull the Plug requires players to take out elite or ultra Fallen enemies in The Plaguelands. Basically any Fallen type enemy with a yellow health bar counts towards this.
  • Crushing Blows focuses on the Iron Hammer and other power weapons. Essentially, kill 100 enemies with either the hammer or another dropped weapon. 
  • Together We Rise asks players to complete five public events.

Players should also make sure to visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower this week as the man has a new weekly Crucible bounty ready to be claimed. Players will find A Game of Rift waiting, placing an obvious focus on the Rift game type. As usual, finish up seven rift matches, earn 50 primary kills, get 25 assisted kills, and stop the Rift runner one time in order to turn this one in. As always, don't forget that finishing the weekly Crucible bounty grants Nightfall tier rewards, helping players get closer to that maximum light level of 400.

Again, players are strongly urged to pick this bounty up as it ties directly to another event taking place at the same time. More on that in just a moment.


 Challenge of the Elders

Sterlig Treasure is still up for grabs in the level 41 Prison of Elders, offering Spektar and Desolate gear along with chroma and reputation boosts as well. Before heading over, make sure to speak to Variks in the Reef to claim the Elder's Sigil and any available bounties.

For Guardians working on the Elder's Sigil in the Challenge of the Elders, the modifiers for this week are: Brawler, Airborne, and a bonus for super kills.

  • Brawler increases Guardian melee damage.
  • Airborne increases the damage done to enemies while players are in the air.
  • Lastly, all Super Kills award bonus points for killing enemies with a super ability. For maximum effect, we recommend using damaging subclasses such as Sunbreaker, Stormcaller, or Arc Blade.


Before the winter festivities kick off with The Dawning next week, Lady Efrideet makes her monthly return to the Iron Temple alongside the Iron Banner. This time around, Guardians will be playing Rift as they carry the spark to finish off new bounties and get rewarded for their efforts. In addition to the specific class armors, Efrideet has the Distant Star scout rifle along with The Branded Lord fusion rifle.

The Aksis challenge has tagged in this week as well for those looking to tackle The Wrath of the Machine raid as well.

As always, good luck and stay safe out there, Guardians!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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