Destiny 2: Why Weapons 2.0 Needs to Happen

Destiny 2's fall Shadowkeep expansion will add Armor 2.0 to the game, which will give players more control over the perks of the armor instead of relying so much on RNG. The new Armor 2.0 system in Shadowkeep focuses on giving players an investment path to expand the function of their armor, and as players spend time in a particular armor piece, they will unlock the full potential of better builds and more perk mods.

In light of this major change coming to Destiny 2, a similar "Weapons 2.0" with a similar focus on investment rather than RNG would be a great addition to the game. Unfortunately, Bungie recently said that it is not working on a Weapons 2.0 system anytime soon without ruling out the possibility it could come to the game at some point. But, there's a way that a Weapons 2.0 system could work and why it really needs to happen.

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Investment vs. RNG

It does not take more than a simple search of YouTube or the Destiny subreddit to find stories of players who have been on a grind for tens of hours to get a particular weapon (farming for the Spare Rations hand cannon is currently one of the more popular exploits), to either get a bad roll or end up with just one decent roll in all that time. For hardcore players that elusive hunt can be appealing, but the problem with the vast variables in perks along with the Masterwork stat can result in astronomically horrible odds that a player would end up with the perfect roll.

A Weapons 2.0 system that, like Armor 2.0, rewarded time spent playing and investing into a particular weapon would be a great change for Destiny 2. One of the ways Armor 2.0 works, involves allowing players to be able to level up energy slots on their armor using rare materials and currencies until they fully Masterwork a piece of armor with 10 energy slots. Each mod, which applies a perk to a piece of Armor 2.0, has its own cost with the best ones costing much higher as to control how powerful players can build their armor.

Why not do the same in a Weapons 2.0 system? While it's unknown how a system like this would work, the idea of rewarding investment instead of relying only on RNG has a lot of appeal.

How Weapons 2.0 Should Not Work

If there's one big lesson learned from the launch of Destiny 2, it is that static rolls on weapons do not work. When Destiny 2 launched, weapons did not have random rolls but instead, had a static set of perks. Bungie was never able to answer the question, "How do you make your tenth Better Devils matter?" and that illustrated the problem with static rolls. RNG absolutely preserves "the chase" and adds anticipation and excitement into the loot system. In no way, shape, or form should any kind of static rolls return.

Likewise, Destiny 1 actually tried a system with the same core tenet of giving players a clearer path to the rolls on weapons they wanted in exchange for a high material investment with the Reforging mechanic introduced in House of Wolves. Reforging didn't work either because players figured out what the best rolls were on each weapon and then most players had little trouble amassing the required materials to re-roll their weapons over and over again until they got the perfect roll. The game went from earning gear through playing to more of a slot machine.

A Weapons 2.0 system would surely need to avoid the same problems as Reforging from Destiny 1 because it took the excitement and anticipation out of playing activities and find a good weapon. Perhaps there is a crafting-type system that Bungie could implement to give players a clear path to getting exactly the weapon they want but with a hefty time requirement.

Again, the problem is not necessarily the time that is required to get great rolls on weapons, but it is the time spent with no guaranteed payoff. If Bungie could get the balance between investment, experience, time spent, and a visible goal to work towards, a Weapons 2.0 system could be incredible. Without a doubt, that is an immensely complex challenge to get such a system working right. But hopefully, one day, Weapons 2.0 will come to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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