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Destiny's next and final live event is just days away, and Bungie just recently announced that Age of Triumph will introduce weekly vendor resets, meaning the armor and weapons at each vendor will get their stats and perks re-rolled every Tuesday at the weekly reset.

With that in mind, there are some vendor weapons that are definite must-buys, and players will want to grab some or all of these before Destiny begins re-rolling them next week. While there's always the possibility that a week in the future will bring an even better roll, these are some of the best weapons players can pick up right now. Each one costs 150 Legendary Marks.

The Palindrome

Where to buy: Crucible QuartermasterPerks: Truesight IS, Mulligan or Spray and Play, Rifled Barrel, and Rangefinder

Hand cannons are definitely some of the most powerful weapons out there when it comes to PvP these days. So much so, that they will be receiving a small nerf in the patch that accompanies Age of Triumph.

That said, The Palindrome is almost as good as it gets. For starters, it is arguably the most popular archetype of hand cannons in the game, that being the 22 Rate of Fire/81 Impact style, the same as the coveted Eyasluna hand cannon. But some consider The Palindrome even better, with a much more controllable straight up-and-down recoil pattern. And the perks it comes with from the vendor are almost perfect.

Most fans probably already have this in their inventories—or even currently equipped—right now, but just in case, be sure to pick this one up immediately.

The Wormwood

Where to buy: Future War CultPerks: Truesight IS, High Caliber Rounds, Hand Loaded, Hidden Hand

Hand cannons like The Palindrome aren't the only rulers of Destiny's current PvP meta. Ever since the February weapon rebalancing update, sidearms have become dominant. And one sidearm in particular, The Wormwood, has not only great base stats, but a top-tier perk roll. Its perks combine to grant higher aim assist, range, and the ability to make opposing players flinch, making it hard for them to return fire effectively.

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Event Horizon

Where to buy: Crucible QuartermasterPerks: ShortGaze SLH10, Grenadier or Spray and Play, Smallbore, Hidden Hand

Event Horizon is worth picking up because it is the best option for snipers who still want to be able to counter opposing Guardians while in their Super. After Rise of Iron's weapon patch reduced the Impact of the dominant mid-tier sniper rifles like 1000-Yard Stare, it made it impossible for those rifles to then one shot a player in their Super.

To do that, it required rifles of a higher Impact, but the trade off for players is that the amount of aim assist is dramatically decreased. The Event Horizon is perhaps the best answer—it belongs to the higher Impact archetype, but its perks like the ShortGaze scope and Hidden Hand increase its aim assist, making it a little more comfortable for players used to those mid-tier Impact rifles.

Disassembly Required

Where to buy: Vanguard QuartermasterPerks: Hard Launch, Spray and Play, Field Scout, Tripod

Switching gears from the Crucible, if players are looking for a good rocket launcher for PvE, Disassembly Required is a solid option. This weapon is especially good for the second round of Aksis in the Wrath of the Machine raid. It has fantastic DPS and is most effective for bosses who do not move very much. That means with the old raids coming back with Age of Triumph, Disassembly Required will also be a great choice for Templar and Atheon in the Vault of Glass as well.

This is far from effective in PvP, but the high Blast Radius, fast reload, and increased ammo granted by Field Scout and Tripod all work synergistically to deliver high amounts of damage very quickly.

Angel's Advocate

Where to buy: Vanguard QuartermasterPerks: Red Dot-ORA2, Outlaw, Smallbore, Reactive Reload

The scout rifle available from the Vanguard is a solid choice for PvE and PvP content for a few key reasons. One, it belongs to the very rare 42 Rate of Fire/38 Impact archetype, which it shares with the exotic MIDA Multi-Tool. That's extremely rare, with very few Legendary scout rifles belonging to that archetype. Second, the vendor roll has one of the best scout rifle perk combinations in the game, that being Outlaw and Reactive Reload. Reactive Reload grants bonus damage after a kill (again, effective in both PvE and PvP) and Outlaw will allow players to reload quickly and get to using the Reactive Reload perk.

The last chance to pick up these weapons will be early Tuesday morning, March 28 before Age of Triumph goes live at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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