Destiny Spreedsheet Breaks Down Every Weapon Statistic

One of the main draws of Destiny for players is the chance at finding valuable loot in game, which not only gives the player character a more unique look, but provides some interesting benefits and abilities as well. With three years of content currently under the hood, players have access to a large amount of gear and weapon variety, which can certainly be somewhat overwhelming for newer or inexperienced players. Thankfully, Reddit user Mercules904 has taken it upon himself to curate an unbelievably detailed and massive spreadsheet breaking down every weapon and their statistics.

The spreadsheet was just recently updated to include the newly added raid weapons and stat changes that arrived as part of the game's last major update, Age of Triumph. Upon opening the spreadsheet, readers will find that Mercules has broken down every weapon class into its own category, showing detailed statistics for every Legendary and Exotic weapon as well. Going a step further, the stats have also been color coded to better show which traits are better than others.

For example, Destiny fans who may have wondered if the Hawkmoon hand cannon had a better time to kill ratio versus Thorn, that question can now be answered. As it turns out, Hawkmoon comes in at 0.87 seconds, while Thorn is a little better at 0.80. The real winner however is The Last Word which can finish off an enemy at a blistering 0.53 seconds. Interested people can check out all of the stats, details and breakdowns right here.


While every weapon class is covered in great detail, Mercules has also put together a breakdown for a number of weapon specific perks and vendor rolls as well. Sniper Rifle Aim Assist values give fans a better take on which gun they should be using, while another tab gives a detailed breakdown of the many available weapons from Tower vendors and which ones players should be concerned with. Finally, a new Barrel perk effects guide was recently added, showing details regarding how much each perk adds to impact, aim assist, and recoil when enabled on a weapon. As of right now Aggressive Ballistics appears to have the most impact on a weapon.

After four major expansions and countless content infusions over a three year period, Mercules' work to keep up with all of the additions and changes over the years is no doubt impressive. With this recent update known as Age of Triumph, many previous weapons left behind after year one, returned with new stats, perks, and elemental damage properties. Revising the data and going back to adjust previous data could not have been easy, but at least fans now have a sure fire way to find out which weapons to strive for.

Destiny is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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