Get a glimpse of all the new Ornaments that will be added to Destiny when The Dawning live event launches later in December, allowing players to change the look of some weapons.

Destiny: Rise of Iron added Ornaments to the game, a new item type that acts as a kind of weapon skin, modifying the look of certain armor and exotic weapons. It appears that Destiny’s developer, Bungie, is looking to add more Ornaments to the game as time goes by, as seen with the addition of Ornaments for Bad Juju that accompanied the Festival of the Lost event in October.

Now, with the next live event, The Dawning, Destiny will be getting even more Ornaments for fans to chase after. Here is look at all the Ornaments coming this month. Some of these Ornaments were discovered by fans before, but some of them have actually changed since the last time they were seen. And others have just been revealed.

Red Death: White Witch & Steel Witch



These Ornaments remain virtually unchanged from when fans discovered a glimpse of them in game. Red Death is barely used right now in the game, due to high impact pulse rifles being at a disadvantage in comparison to other weapons, especially in PvP.

The Last Word: Sequel & Appendum



The Ornaments for The Last Word were a surprise, seen for the first time in the trailer for The Dawning that debuted at PlayStation Experience.

Thorn: Rose of Corruption & Rose of Acid



Those who have read Destiny’s Grimoire cards, which contain the game’s lore, will understand the naming of Thorn’s Ornaments. In lore, Thorn belongs to a Guardian gone bad name Dredgen Yor. When he was a Guardian of good, his handcannon was named Rose, before the weapon (like him) took a darker turn.

These Ornaments have also gotten a slight rework since fans first saw them — Rose of Corruption taking on a more colorful hue and Rose of Acid getting a more white body.

Black Spindle: Ragabone & Cold Between Starts



Black Spindle gets a Taken makeover with Cold Between Starts.

Ice Breaker: Dunemaker & Nanohance



Ice Breaker will get Ornaments to accompany its return to the game at current Light levels.

These Ornaments will be found in Radiant Treasure, which players can earn once per week by completing one strike in the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist. More Radiant Treasure can be purchased from the Eververse store via microtransaction. Also, players will be able to buy these Ornaments from the new Ornament kiosk that will appear in the Tower once The Dawning event launches.

The Dawning, and these Ornaments, launch December 13 and will bring back Sparrow Racing League and add Strike Scoring to the game. The Rise of Iron expansion is required to play The Dawning content.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.