‘Destiny’: Bungie Devs Reveal High-Res Weapon Models

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In spite of all its success, winning over both players and critics alike, Destiny has still faced its share of criticism. Certain players have been left disappointed that the game has not lived up to expectations. Some have raised complaints over the lack of a once-suggested in-depth story in a game with such potential for lore, whilst others have issues with some of the grind-like aspects of the gameplay. Meanwhile, DLC Pack The Dark Below faced criticism over a perceived lack of content.

Conversely, one of Destiny’s elements that has received the most plaudits is the art direction. Right from the release of the game’s initial artwork, the level of care and detail that has been put into the game’s character, costume and weapon design has been very impressive. Unfortunately for developer Bungie, some of this came through high-profile leaks.

Amidst the in-game action, it’s sometimes hard to get a good look at the items and design on show in Destiny. Now, a select few of Bungie's developers have released online galleries of their work on weapons for the title. There are four galleries in total, and were discovered by Reddit user dpughnz.

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The artists in question are senior artist Milton Cadogan, senior artist Mark Van Haitsma, hard surface artist David Stammel and lead hard surface artist Rajeev Nattam. Over in their galleries, gamers can get a close-up view of a number of weapons - and for avid fans of the game, it's certainly worth a look. The artwork has also opened up all kind of discussion amongst Destiny players, with some suggesting that the ‘Fallen Shrapnel Rifle’ is similar to some of the leaked info about upcoming exotic weapon ‘Lord of Wolves’.

Indeed other recently-released content has been causing Bungie a bit of a headache. Last week saw the leak of a variety of information on upcoming DLC pack House of Wolves, including a possible release date of May 19 and images of gear and armor. Bungie was quick to address the issue, warning players that anything could change and that the information revealed by the leak was outdated.

In other Destiny news, certain gamers have discovered a way to play the title on Android devices. YouTube user NightmareTacoGaming demonstrated the use of an unofficial Android app with the title, showcasing the potential for remote play. Let’s see whether anyone takes up playing the title with such an app when new DLC pack House of Wolves releases.

Destiny is out now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The next DLC Pack, House of Wolves, is set to release in the second quarter of 2015.

Source: Reddit

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