Destiny 2 is just on the horizon for launch, but that hasn’t stopped hardcore fans from finding new challenges to overcome in Destiny 1. Over the three-year lifespan of Destiny 1, players have found interesting ways to play the game, defeating raids and Trials completely solo or defeating bosses in record times. This new feat is one of the latter.

Posted on YouTube, a fan called GShark posted a video of a fireteam of players beating the Warpriest in the King’s Fall raid in less than five seconds. Take a look at the quick takedown below.

GSHark explains the team’s setup and strategy in the video’s info. The classes used were:

  • one Defender Titan with Weapons of Light, Illuminated, and Bastion selected
  • one Sunbreaker Titan with the Melting Point perk selected and the Memory of Felwinter artifact equipped
  • four Gunslingers with the Deadeye perk selected and the Celestial Nighthawk equipped

With the Defender Titan, Weapons of Light increases the damage dealt from the entire team to the Warpriest, while Illuminated increases the effectiveness of Weapons of Light and Bastion helps the bubble last longer (this is helpful in the setup of the strategy). The Sunbreaker’s Melting Point stacks on another damage buff against the Warpriest on top of Weapons of Light.

destiny warpriest

The Memory of Felwinter takes away the super of the Sunbreaker and gives the class an extra melee and grenade charge. Lastly, the Gunslingers deal massive damage using the Celestial Nighthawk exotic, which makes Golden Gun a one-shot super dealing six times the damage. Deadeye further increases Golden damage by 30%.

In addition to that setup, the team gets in position under the Ward of Dawn right next to the Warpriest, and once they complete the required mechanics of the encounter to get the brand enabling damage against the Warpriest, the Sunbreaker applies Melting Point to Warpriest then the Gunslingers all fire their Golden Guns. After that, the entire team lays into the boss with The 4th Horseman exotic shotgun. The team also all wore gloves with the shotgun loader perk allowing for quicker reloads between shotgun blasts.

It’s a crazy takedown of a boss that at one time was a serious challenge to players. Obviously with time, the encounter has become easier with an increased Light level and weapons that can cause massive amounts of damage. But hats off to the team of players who were able to fell the Warpriest in such a fast time.

Destiny is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.