Destiny: Warlock Finally Solos Crota's End Raid

Warlock Solos Destiny Crotas End Raid


Whether it's consoles, triple-A titles, or peripherals, we here at Game Rant don't like to play favorites. And so when we gave credit to two different Destiny players, one Hunter and one Titan, for completing the Crota's End solo, we figured that when a Warlock did it we would give them the same recognition.

Well guess what, after both a Hunter and a Titan successfully made it through Crota's End without a teammate, a Warlock has now completed the feat as well. Even more impressive, unlike the other two players and the dozens after them, this Warlock was able to make it through the raid without using the Gjallarhorn.

It's actually surprising that the Warlock was the last Destiny class to make it through Crota's End solo, as the class basically has a do-over ability. Then again, the Titan's strength and the Hunter's invisibility have certainly proved just as, if not more, viable than the ability to resurrect upon death.

In total, the Warlock player says it took them some 10 hours to complete the entire raid solo, which is a surprising display of dedication. Some solo raiders are capable of running through the whole thing in less than 2 hours, and eventually we suspect Warlocks will be able to as well. The above video only features the final portion of their solo run, but check out HM05's channel to see the entire quest.

However, the biggest takeaway from the video is the longstanding theory that a player needs to be level 32 to complete the Crota fight solo. Since a level 32 does a lot more damage with the sword it makes sense, but there's nothing stopping a level 31 from pulling it off.

That level 31 will need a Gjallarhorn, though, as that is the only rocket launcher capable of downing Crota quick enough. A level 32 might be able to do get away with using a maxed out Hunger of Crota Rocket Launcher, but if you have the Gjallarhorn maybe give the raid a go.

It's strange to think that after less than three weeks, players are already soloing the entire Crota's End raid. On the one hand it shows players' dedication to Destiny, but it also undermines the communal aspects Bungie has stressed about their raids. Vault of Glass was certainly an experience that couldn't be done with less than two people, and even then it required a very specific set of classes. Crota's End, on the other hand, can clearly be beat by any class, provided they have the wherewithal and the gear.

Have you taken a shot at beating Crota's End solo? What are some tips you've learned for getting through the raid?


Source: The HM05

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