Bungie and 3A team up once again to add Destiny‘s Warlock and Hunter classes to their absolutely stunning, yet devilishly expensive action figure line-up.

Last fall we raved about 3A’s Titan action figure and now fans can round out their collection with Destiny‘s Warlock and Hunter class action figures, both releasing later this month. These 1/6 scale models are intricately designed to match their video game counterparts and in many ways look even better. It really does not get any more high-definition than this.

Both of the Destiny Warlock and Hunter figures will be sold in three exclusive editions, with each edition sporting its own Ghost, shader, armor, and weaponry, all hand-selected by teams at Bungie and 3A. While figures in the 3A and Bungie editions will have four weapons, which includes a primary, special, heavy, and exotic, the other retail versions are missing the exotics altogether.

Destiny warlock action figure 3a

destiny warlock action figure 3a thorn

For example, the 3A version of the Warlock figure includes a bold red shell Ghost, No Time To Explain, Murmur, Bretomart’s Stand, and the exotic hand cannon Thorn. The retail version gets no exotic and their exotic pulse rifle is traded out for plain old Stranger’s Rifle, which is a tad disappointing.

Given that consumers will be forking over $190 regardless of the edition, it makes the retail versions a tough sell — especially since Destiny fans hate missing out on an exotic, as Xur can attest. However, the retail version of the Hunter comes with the Cloak Of Taniks, which might make the price tag worth it for some fans who have regularly suffered through the frustrating drop rate of the cloak in-game and want a consolation prize of sorts.

destiny hunter action figure cloak taniks 3a bungie

While many fans with the scratch to purchase one of these little beauties might simply put them up on display for their friends to envy with the burning passion of a thousand suns, others might want to live out their personal Destiny fantasies. Equipping a figure with two exotic weapons at once will surely prove cathartic and fans with a Hunter figure can pretend the recent, heavy nerf to their class never happened.

Currently, there are no Vex, Hive, or Fallen enemy figures to pretend battle with so fantasies are limited to pretend PVP for now. At least they won’t have to deal with numerous connection issues in pretend Trials of Osiris.

There are a lot of great reasons to purchase one of these 3A figures and only a couple not to — the price and the exclusion of Gjallarhorn — but most will agree that the investment is worth it if collecting quality pieces is your game as buyers will certainly get what they pay for. Let us hope this line continues with some other races or popular characters from the game because Eris Morn and Oryx would make for some pretty incredible figures.

Destiny‘s Warlock figure in all editions will release July 7, 2016 and Hunters will follow closely after on July 21.

Source: 3A