Destiny Guide: How to Complete Vosik Challenge Mode

Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Wrath of the Machine Raid - Destiny Vosik

The first of Wrath of the Machine's Challenge modes featuring Vosik will test fireteams in a way they likely have not practiced before, but will not be too hard by following this guide.

Destiny has launched its first Challenge Mode for the Wrath of the Machine raid, forcing Destiny players to tackle Vosik with some new constraints. Read on to find out exactly how to defeat the Vosik Challenge.

The Basics

First off, if you aren’t familiar with the mechanics of the Vosik fight, especially on hard mode, start with our guide to the fight’s normal mechanics.

Use SIVA Charges to Close the Doors

The first requirement for Challenge Mode is that teams are not allowed to shoot the safe room doors to close the shield. The panel on the right side of each room that activates the safe room should not be shot at any time, as an accidental set-off will void the Challenge Mode.

Instead of shooting the activation panels, a player will need to pick up one of the last two SIVA Charges that falls in the middle of the room near the end of a damage phase, take it into a safe room, and throw it at the panel.

Activate Both Rooms Per Phase

When the damage phase on Vosik comes to an end, two rooms will activate showing the raid team where to go. Normally teams call out one room and then huddle up in that room. However, both lit up rooms must be activated (again, using only SIVA Charges to close the shield).

So, two players will need to each pick up a SIVA Charge at the end of the damage phase and run into different rooms to activate them. It does not matter how the rest of the team splits up, whether they split evenly between the rooms or all in just one room. The key is that both rooms are activated.


All Safe Rooms Must Be Activated

Once a safe room is activated, as mentioned above, those rooms are deactivated and cannot be used again. The last requirement of Challenge Mode is that all the rooms must be used up, so that means teams need to go through at least two full phases on the fight to use all four rooms.

The side requirement is that Vosik will need to be defeated in exactly three phases. It will take two full rounds to activate all four rooms, but after that there won’t be any rooms left to survive in, so players have to take out Vosik during the damage phase of the third round.

Set Up and Execution

It will be a good idea to have two designated SIVA Charge throwers on the team. Near the end of each damage phase, have those two players each pick up a Charge at the last possible moment (when SIVA Charges are held an internal timer starts and if it is not thrown in time it will disappear). Each one of the throwers will need to go to one of the two illuminated rooms and activate the shields.

Remember that the rooms may be on the same side of the room so do not assume that they will be on two opposite sides. After the first round, it will be obvious which other two rooms will activate as they are the two that didn't in the first round.

Repeat the process from the first round. On the third round, continue as normal, but Vosik needs to be taken down during the damage phase or else it will be a wipe.


Regardless of whether the Challenge Mode is completed on Normal or Heroic, you will receive an emblem, leg armor, and a possibility of any Special or Heavy raid weapon (385 Light cap on Normal, and 400 Light cap on Heroic). A clear on Heroic will also net an ornament to use on the raid armor that drops from Heroic Mode.

Do you have an even better strategy for clearing the Vosik challenge? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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