Destiny's Newest Craze: Sparrow Surfing

Sure, Destiny may be a well-explored game by now, with reports surfacing that developer Bungie is already moving on to work on a sequel, and the wealth of locked DLC environments apparently already discovered. But that doesn't mean that the many players still plugging their way through the game's open world, Strikes or Raid have given up on finding new experiences buried within the game's systems.

For evidence, look no farther than the recent video appearing online bringing the act of 'Sparrow Surfin'' to audiences everywhere. That's right, it's possible for Guardians to not just ride their Sparrows from point to point in Earth's solar system, but do so while dancing. Considering how quickly the challenge of Jumping the Hellmouth took off, we're willing to bet that the entire Destiny community will be Sparrow Surfing in a matter of days.

Thankfully, it doesn't seem that difficult to pull off. As the video (uploaded by 'Freke Out') shows, all it requires is an action or gesture to be executed a split second before the 'Ride Sparrow' command is completed. If done properly, initiating a dance at the same moment as boarding leads to a craze we can only assume originated in the teen-aged remnant of humanity. Add some music and dramatic camera work, and the galaxy itself is your music video.

Destiny Video Sparrow Dancing

The challenge of Sparrow Surfin' (or simply lounging reclined while exploring) may not be as... meaningful as uncovering glitches or hidden exploits within the game's combat itself, but there's no question it's every bit as satisfying. It's worth pointing out that according to the player responsible, the dance/riding will only be visible to other players if you travel through "an area that has to load." Otherwise, one can simply enjoy the feat of balance and elegance on their own.

The developers have shown to address or outright remove glitches that they see as negatively impacting the game immediately (but leaving behind a monument, in the case of the infamous 'loot cave'). But since the glitch isn't hurting anyone - and already adding some fun to the mix - we would hope Bungie leaves it be. Defeating the Vault of Glass with minimum numbers in record time may be an added thrill for the experienced players, but the rush of dancing atop a speeding Sparrow is available to all.

Who knows what strange new quirks or hidden activities may be contained within Destiny's next dose of DLC? It's hard to say what other tricks Bungie has up its sleeve, or how creative the players may continue to prove. But if their results are a sign of what to expect long term, then players and casual observers may have one wild future to look forward to.

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Source: Freke Out

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