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Since its release last September, Destiny has dominated the gaming universe. The game's success is impressive, with millions of players still logging many hours a day. Even with the House of Wolves release a couple months away (at least), players have been hard at work grinding for new weapons and armor and discovering new ways to enjoy the game.

Over that six-month time, we have seen some impressive feats completed by Destiny players. Some showed us new ways to experience the game, while others used unconventional approaches to encounters that we thought were pretty straightforward. Ultimately, these feats were about proving that the rules in Destiny are meant to be broken, and that if a player tries hard enough they can do almost anything in the game. Here are some of our favorite Destiny feats.

Crota's End Raid Without Guns


The Crota's End raid is hard enough when players use weapons to get through it, so this fireteam's feat is extremely impressive. The team, which consisted entirely of Titans, used their bubble shields to traverse each area, punching enemies as they moved along.

We can only imagine the amount of planning and strategy required to succeed – especially when battling Ir Yut and Crota. The team did use super abilities and grenades (since their only rule was no bullets), but the feat is no less impressive. Also, there may be a few shotgun blasts in there, but they didn't impact play.


Melee Only Atheon Kill


This accomplishment was completed around the same time as the no-gun Crota run. It seems players have been getting antsy for new challenges while they wait for House of Wolves to release.

One player had the crazy idea to take down Atheon using only melee attacks. That means no guns and no grenades. Supers were fair game, as long as they were melees. Based on these rules, the team, consisting primarily of Hunger-class Bladedancers and a couple Titans providing bubble shield and Blessing of Light support, took down Atheon in just a few minutes.

We'd like to point out that the fireteam accomplished this feat on Normal mode, not on Hard. The player who had the idea shared on Reddit that his team would attempt it on Hard mode as well, but it looks like they have yet to be successful.


Jumping the Hellmouth


Some notable feats were accomplished in the open world – apart from the missions, strikes and raids. Soon after Destiny was released, players (myself included) decided to try jumping the Hellmouth, a giant gaping hole found on the moon. It turns out the class best suited for the jump is the Hunter – using the Bladedancer special ability.

As you can see in the video, succeeding requires a solid launch on a sparrow, followed by a good jump, then finishing with Bladedancer. Warlocks and Titans have tried multiple times to make the jump, but don't have the abilities needed to make it happen.


Sparrow Surfing


This feat is accomplished thanks to a glitch in the game and adds a fun and unique method of traveling around the various worlds in Destiny. To Sparrow Surf, hold the mount button to get on it - just as your character is about to hop on, hit the dance button. If you do it right, your player will start surfing (dancing) on your Sparrow. You can drive around like normal while dancing.

This glitch was discovered prior to the release of The Dark Below DLC, so for a while players were limited to simply surfing around the map. However, Destiny's first DLC gave players a new Sparrow, the EV-30 Tumbler, which allowed them to do tricks on their hovercraft. Players quickly discovered that the surfing glitch worked with the new Sparrow, and made for some impressive tricks.


Crucible Kill Streak


Destiny's unique take on first-person-shooter action makes for some interesting battles in the game's PVP arena, the Crucible. As with pretty much every other multiplayer shooter, there are those players who ditch the objective in a match to pursue a high kill-death ratio. These players hunt down their enemies with precision, in effort to gain the highest kill streak in the game.

While the best kill streaks in Destiny haven't quite reached the level of Call of Duty kill streaks, they're still pretty impressive, especially considering the myriad of ways a player can die in the Crucible.

So far, the highest kill streak we've found is 46, which you can see in the above video. The player used a mix of weapons, including his hand cannon, sniper rifle, special ability and rocket launcher. Good use of a full arsenal to dominate the field.

Do you have a better kill streak in Destiny's Crucible?  Sound off your streak in the comments!


Soloing Crota's End Raid Without Gjallarhorn


One of the most extraordinary accomplishments has been the handful of Guardians who have successfully soloed Crota's End raid. Prior to the most recent patch, which made this feat more difficult, players were able to sneak, snipe and jump their way through each area, then defeat Crota with a mix of skill and luck.

Most of the players who succeeding in soloing Crota's End used the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher to quickly eliminate enemies and, most importantly, to down Crota quickly. Some players, including the one in the video above, decided to set aside the heavy weapon and take on Crota using other strategies. The end result is a remarkable run, which has definitely earned this player top respect in the community.


… And Many More

Destiny Balance Ball Tower

There have been plenty of other impressive feats in Destiny beyond what we've covered here and we're sure to see many more, especially when House of Wolves releases. Have you seen or accomplished an impressive feat in Destiny not featured in this post? Let us know in the comments.

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