Destiny Footage Shows Unreleased Vex Cinematic [UPDATE]

destiny unseen vex cutscene

[Update: The embedded video of the footage has been removed from this story, at the request of Prologue Films.]

Destiny fans can be an insatiable bunch, always looking for hints of what new content could be coming in the game's sequel as well as cut content that didn't make it into the original game. This week, it appears fans found just that when they uncovered never-before-seen footage featuring the Vex. The footage itself surfaced as part of a demo reel from a production company that has worked on some of Destiny's cinematics.

The clips in question show the enemy race of the Vex, or to be exact, a Vex Goblin who appears to be going through some sort of creation or activation process. Destiny fan and subreddit moderator, Fuzzle, spotted the footage in the demo reel, which was posted six months ago. He isolated the new clips of the Vex and slowed them down.

The demo reel was posted by someone who worked on the project at Prologue Films, a production company based in California. That demo reel has since been taken down from Vimeo.

Prologue Films has worked on a number of Destiny cinematics, including the intro videos for the House of Wolves and The Taken King expansions. Prologue has also done work on the Metal Gear franchise, Resistance 3, as well as a number of high-profile films.

But back to Destiny—Prologue worked on the opening cinematic for the game, which sees a team of astronauts discovering the Traveler on Mars. Longtime fans of the game might be interested to see this Director's Cut version of that cutscene.

As for that footage of the Vex, it could be from a cutscene that was planned but never put into Destiny, or finished. One possibility is that that footage was in production for the main game and its storyline, which reportedly was completely scratched late in Destiny's development. Perhaps that cutscene was tossed on the cutting room floor along with that version of the narrative.

Destiny Leaked Release Schedule

There's also the chance that the cinematic came from a cancelled expansion for Destiny. Two years ago there was a rumored leak that purportedly showed the DLC schedule for Destiny, which included an expansion mainly focused on the Vex. Those content plans, whether they were completely false or just changed over time, obviously never came to fruition. Instead, Destiny received The Taken King in Year 2 and Rise of Iron in year 3. But perhaps that footage is a vestige of what could have been.

Lastly, could this be hinting at something fans might see in Destiny 2 later this year? While the rumors seem to point toward much of the sequel's content focusing on the Cabal, there's always the likelihood that the Vex could show up. Paired with Bungie's commitment to stronger storytelling, and hints that Destiny 2 will have a much better cinematic story, and there's just enough for fans to theorize and hope that this footage might be seen again in the future in its entirety.

But what do you think? Do you think this is old, cut footage or something that may be coming in the future? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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