Destiny fans have set up their own fair share of self-imposed challenges, from conquering entire raids solo to using unconventional controllers to play the game. But one group of players recently challenged themselves to overcome the Vault of Glass raid under the conditions of not having any sound or use of the HUD. And it was all for a very specific purpose.

According to the player who goes by M4V3R1C8 on the Destiny subreddit, the challenge was set up with a “constructive idea,” not just to merely to try something new or gain notoriety among the subreddit. The No Sound/No HUD challenge was designed “with deaf Guardians in mind.”

If that comes as a surprise, it’s true that there are a number of gamers with certain disabilities ranging from color blindness to deafness. While many games now give ample options for a wide range of color blindness, many developers haven’t tried to tackle to challenge of players who are without their hearing.

destiny vault of glass age triumph armor

M4V3R1C8 describes a situation that can be common for deaf gamers who play Destiny—the challenge of finding a raid group that is willing to play with a teammate who can not hear. The common concern would be that for a challenging and cooperative activity like a raid – one that relies heavily on communication – a player who cannot hear those cues would be at a disadvantage.

But the video put together by M4V3R1C8 is out to show that raids can very well be completed without the ability to hear. As can be seen in the video, the group still used a method of text chat to be able to communicate; however, M4V3R1C8 says that not having audio cues made the team of players rely more on visual cues and staying much more active in looking around the area to track what was going on at any given moment.

It’s a fun idea, and one that the same team plans to continue doing, tackling a new raid each week in the same manner, which includes each raid’s Challenge Modes.

For those interested, there are more details about the team’s plans on this Reddit thread.

Destiny is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.