Destiny: New Chest Found in Vault of Glass Raid


With Destiny's Age of Triumph having been recently introduced, most would-be Guardians are without a doubt revisiting all of the game's refreshed raids and challenges for the action-RPG, but it's safe to say that most players are now currently doing their best to tear through the Vault of Glass raid, which is now live. As it happens, one group of intrepid Guardians made a fresh discovery by coming across a new chest in the raid.

As seen in the Destiny fan and Twitch streamer nR_Cremation's clip below, fellow Guardians can find the new chest relatively easily. Although it requires some exploration, the chest is tucked away in the area near the first chest in the Vault of Glass raid, and those who manage to come across it will be given a Legendary Engram along with some other loot.


With Destiny's Vault of Glass raid having just recently been made available this morning in Age of Triumph, it's impressive to see that nR_Cremation and his Fireteam have found a new chest in the raid. Although this is the first fresh item discovery in Age of Triumph's version of the raid, it's quite possible that there are more secrets to be uncovered as well.

For those who have already managed to successfully tackle the refreshed Crota's End raid and its new boss challenge in Destiny's Age of Triumph, the offerings in Vault of Glass should offer more intrepid players an even tougher nut to crack. Interestingly enough, Bungie has gone on record to say that the Vault of Glass raid and its Atheon challenge is the hardest it has ever created.

Nevertheless, beating the Atheon challenge in Destiny's refreshed Vault of Glass raid in Age of Triumph isn't impossible, as it just requires a bit of planning and strategy. Hopefully, Destiny's fans will feel fully sated with Age of Triumph and all of its offerings before Bungie releases the official sequel, Destiny 2, later this year.

Destiny's Age of Triumph can be experienced now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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