2-Man Destiny Team Beats Vault of Glass Without Using Weapons


It often seems there is no shortage of ways Destiny fans find new ways to challenge themselves, and in this newest test of skill two Destiny players were able to clear every encounter in the 390 Light version of the Vault of Glass without using any weapons, relying solely on their characters' abilities.

To be clear, this wasn't a flawless run, nor was it even a continuous one. The players who tackled the feat, Gladd and It is Spartan, actually switched up subclasses between encounters to ensure that they were able to conquer each of the unique mechanics of the particular section of the raid. Here is a video of the run:

Just to reiterate, this is the 390 Vault of Glass added in the Age of Triumph event, which is the hardest difficulty level of that raid in the game. To clear the opening section and open the door to the Vault, the duo both used Sunsinger Warlocks, depending on the class's Fusion Grenades, damage boosting perks, and extra shields gained by the Flame Shield melee to take down the enemies in the area.

For the Confluxes stage of the Templar fight, they switched it up to a Voidwalker Warlock and a Sunbreaker Titan. The Voidwalker employed the Energy Drain build and Scatter Grenades to help control adds while ensuring a fast recharge on the damage dealing grenades.

In the next Oracles section, which Gladd says was the hardest part of the entire raid to complete under these conditions, the two both used Gunslinger Hunters. Not only did the two players have to take down the Oracles (which they did mostly with Golden Gun shots and finished them off with Swarm Grenades) but the Hobgoblin snipers on the platforms on the edges of the area proved to be the hardest to handle without being able to shoot them.

Once that section wrapped up, the Templar fight itself was a grind of mechanics, as the pair followed the Templar Challenge Mode Solo strategy, with the addition of having another player to damage Templar with Grenades.

The Gatekeeper encounter sent them back into duo Gunslingers, but it involved the need for Gladd to juggle two of the three relics throughout the fight. And then finally on Atheon, two Sunsingers were utilized, with the self-res of one being necessary to keep one player outside of the portal and open it while the other goes in to grab the relic.

It is quite the impressive run and definitely worth checking out for fans, especially considering that some players can struggle through the raid with a full team of six and also using their weapons.

Destiny is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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