Destiny: Vault of Glass Challenge Goes Live at Reset Next Week

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While most Destiny players are descending into the depths of the moon to challenge the Crota’s End raid once more, others are biding their time. Crota may be a great appetizer for the refreshed raids in Age of Triumph, but the main course is less than one week away, Vault of Glass.

As the first raid introduced in Destiny, Vault of Glass holds a special place in the hearts of most die-hard Guardians. It’s for that reason that players will want to jump into the raid as soon as it goes live, which will be at reset on Tuesday, April 4th.

There was some confusion as to how Bungie would schedule its challenge mode schedule, but the developer has stepped in to clear things up. While Age of Triumph and, in turn, the Crota’s End challenge modes launched at 10am PT together, future challenge modes and refreshed raids will go live at reset. For those that might not know, reset is 2am PT every Tuesday.

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Unfortunately for those players who were hoping to get world’s first on the challenge modes, this likely means forgoing sleep or waking up early. Bungie typically likes to accommodate its challenge runners with morning start times, but that would require a live reset for the next three weeks. Instead, everything has been plugged into the Destiny rotation ahead of time, and the Vault of Glass challenge will be live Tuesday.

As far as what players can expect, we do know that Vault of Glass will have both a Templar challenge and an Atheon challenge. Speculation thus far is that the Templar challenge will have something to do with the boss’ teleports - perhaps that the team will need to prevent the Templar from doing so.

Atheon, on the other hand, has quite a few mechanics going at one time, so there are a few options for challenges. If it’s anything like the Crota challenge, the restriction might be that no player can pick up the Aegis shield twice, but that’s just a guess.

Those who complete said challenges will have a shot at the adept elemental versions of the Vault’s most prized primary weapons, specifically the Vision of Confluence and Fatebringer. Despite three years’ worth of weapons and changed, Vision of Confluence and Fatebringer still hold a special place in players’ hearts, and no doubt many will be chomping at the big to earn both. So much so that they might want to hold onto the Knuckles of Eao consumable that they use this week, just in case.

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