Destiny Bringing Back Old Raids Looks More Likely Than Ever [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Bungie has released a new teaser trailer for the Age of Triumph event that features the Vault of Glass raid.

It has been a popular fan request since Destiny's Year 2: "Bungie, please bring back old raids at current Light levels." The possibility of that wish being fulfilled looks to be the closest to reality it has ever been, based on teases from Bungie about Destiny's last live event, Age of Triumph.

In the article on Bungie's blog announcing the Age of Triumph live event (the last content update for Destiny this year before Bungie will start turning fans' focus to the sequel targeted for release later this year), multiple images point toward Destiny's first (and probably most-beloved) raid, Vault of Glass coming back if not all of the old raids. The first is this image teasing the full reveal of Age of Triumph, which shows a Vex Minotaur in front of the entrance to the Vault of Glass.

destiny age of triumph vault of glass

Bungie, who is no stranger to teasing its fans, was no doubt very intentional in choosing this image to show. Strengthening the theory about the Vault of Glass returning was another image on Bungie's blog, which shows a Hunter wearing armor that looks very much like an updated version of the class's Vault of Glass armor set.

The Hunter's chest piece in this image looks almost identical to the flourish on the Warlock Vault of Glass chest piece. And the Vex's signature floating diamond effect (which is featured heavily inside the Vault of Glass raid) hovers around the Hunter's right leg. The same diamond pattern can also be spotted on the Hunter's hood, and add to it the robotic left leg, and this Hunter is looking very Vex-like.

destiny age of triumph hunter

So chances are looking up for a refreshed Vault of Glass, although fans will have to wait to see if it involves just the same raid at new Light levels or if new mechanics have been added. But what remains up in air is exactly what kind of rewards will be available if the raid does return.

Based on the theory discussed above with the Hunter, new armor looks possible, but weapons bring up a whole new situation. The original Vault of Glass weapons featured elemental primaries, which Bungie did away with in Year 2; however, the developer could always offer brand new weapons à la this fan's weapon concepts.

But what about the other raids, Crota's End and King's Fall. It's still possible these are coming back as well, perhaps as evidenced by their inclusion on the logo for the Age of Triumph live event. The crest features symbols that could represent all four raids: Vault of Glass on the upper left, Crota's End on the upper right, King's Fall on the lower left, and Wrath of the Machine on the lower right.

There's always the chance this is a design element that could tie into some Moments of Triumph style record book that needs to be completed for Age of Triumph, such as completing all the raids in the game as they are, but it definitely hints at the inclusion of all the raids. Either way, Bungie should provide a clear picture of what's ahead in the official reveal for Age of Triumph during a scheduled Twitch stream Wednesday, March 8.

Do you think all the old raids will return to Destiny with the Age of Triumph event? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Age of Triumph launches "at the end of March."

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