Destiny: 'Vault of Glass' Raid Beaten In Under 2 Hours

Released earlier this week, the 'Vault of Glass' is the first raid available to Destiny players, and has been described by its creators as the hardest piece of content they've ever created. The first six-person team to complete it recorded a time of 11 hours — a record that has been comprehensively smashed since, with a video released to YouTube yesterday demonstrating an elite team completing it in under two hours.

Such is the difficulty of the raid that Bungie elected to keep it under wraps for the week following the game's launch, encouraging players to spend that week building up their character and their gear so as to stand a chance. A minimum of level 26 was recommended, but it would take more than just that minimum to make it through.

The earliest attempts at the raid were widely streamed on services like Twitch, contributing to the huge presence that Destiny has enjoyed on such sites in the early days of its launch. Millions have tuned in to see what the considerable hype surrounding the game is all about — and to see what the highest level players can achieve.

Destiny Vault of Glass Beat in Under Two Hours

Completing the raid is quite the accomplishment in its own right, but fact that players have managed to finish it off in just 1:50 is almost beyond belief. However, don't go thinking that this means that the raid isn't as difficult as it has been hyped up to be — these are expert players who are used to pushing games to their limits.

One member of the team, 'Professor Broman' will be familiar to fans of the 'Games Done Quick' series of charity speed-running events. Broman, as you might imagine, is no stranger to tearing through a game at a blistering pace, and it'll be interesting to see if he chooses to further trim down this time in the future.

For now though, it seems like the focus is on the hard mode of the 'Vault of Glass' — something most players would no doubt balk at the thought of.

Hopefully exploits like these will encourage players at all levels to push themselves towards 'becoming legend' in Destiny; if these guys can blitz the 'Vault of Glass' in less than two hours, surely you can scrape through it — even if it takes you a little longer.

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