Destiny: Vault of Glass Boss 'Atheon' Beaten in 17 Seconds

As even more evidence that Bungie will never want to underestimate its community when it comes to Destiny, a group of Guardians have now delivered what might be the final blow to any notion that the Vault of Glass raid will tide hardcore players over until the next batch of DLC and 'endgame' content. With a group of high-level players and exotic weaponry, the team of six managed to bring down the raid's final enemy, Atheon, in just 17 seconds.

To be a bit clearer, the players only took 17 seconds to eliminate Atheon, Time's Conflux once the entire party had returned from outside of the portal, awarding the team with the Time's Vengeance buff, making their attacks even more effective against the boss. The Guardians - composed of 3 Sunsinger Warlocks and 3 Gunslinger Hunters (5 at Level 30, and 1 at Level 29) - were also packing some serious firepower: 4 Gjallarhorns, the exotic rocket launchers adorned with wolf carvings seen in much of the game's early marketing.

The feat isn't a testament to anything more than just how much damage a single fireteam can dole out given the right rank, class, and firepower; on Hard Mode no less. But it does prove that the players grinding their way to the top of Destiny's heap have made the Vault of Glass - once considered a challenge, with the first team to complete it doing so in over 11 hours their playground. Practice made perfect, as that number soon fell to a 2 hour record for completion, followed by just 37 minutes.

Then the challenge became besting the raid's many bosses with only a trio of Guardians. Then merely a pair.

Destiny Vault Glass Boss Beaten Atheon Video

The impressive final barrage completed by 'Legendary Crew' has earned them their own time in the spotlight of those turning Destiny's most potent foes into pincushions, and going by the video, plenty of highly-coveted loot. The rewards doled out for downing Atheon might just be enough to get other player shattering the task in even fewer seconds, but that might be a harder record to break (with plenty of players already cutting some corners in dispatching Atheon).

For now it seems that most of the records and benchmarks have been set, since later sections of Vault of Glass simply can't be completed with any fewer players. But that hasn't stopped one Guardian going by 'Venom Nommy' from trying their hand at the first Templar encountered; again, on Hard Mode.

The fact that Destiny is still in its early days implies that no task, no matter how impressive or unbelievable will stand for long with so many players devoting so much time to achieving the impossible, even if it is in the form of one of the game's gun-toting Guardians.

Hopefully, these videos will convince other players that time and resources spent grinding with friends or solo will pay off. After all, if wiping out a final boss with laughable ease doesn't result in valuable loot every time, the satisfaction has to make the time spent worth it. Maybe.

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