Destiny Players Glitch Through Vault of Glass and into Atheon's Room

vault of glass atheon throne room

A YouTuber has released a new video showing how Destiny players can glitch their way through the walls of the Vault of Glass raid and enjoy each part of the raid’s unique areas without the threat of enemies. The glitch comes after years of effort from both the YouTuber and other Destiny players to explore the vast secrets of what lies behind the walls of Destiny’s world.

The video, shown below, details the journey the YouTuber, known as Djxyz0, took to make his way to Atheon’s throne room in the Vault of Glass. Djxyz0 describes how he uses his sparrow to breach walls, survive large falls, and cross impossible barriers with his character. He also makes use of his sword and double-jump capabilities to maneuver through the guts of the Destiny raid.

Throughout the video, Djxyz0 describes how he and others were able to learn certain parts of the map and discover how to reach each area. It’s obvious that hundreds of man-hours went into figuring out each step, since some parts get very technical. In fact, it’s quite impressive that anyone was able to figure out what Djxyz0 and his team did.

Those watching will notice that because Djxyz0 glitches through each area, there are no enemies present in the Vault of Glass. That means players won’t be able to use this glitch to complete the Age of Triumph version of Vault of Glass for the special raid armor.

However, those who want to spend some time visiting the various areas of Vault of Glass without worrying about meeting a time limit or taking on hordes of enemies can use this glitch to do a little exploring. That said, it seems not anyone can just follow Djxyz0’s instructions. It will take time and practice to reach the areas he has visited.



Toward the end of the video, Djxyz0 points out that while glitching through Destiny isn't for everyone, for him and his friends this is one of the ways they like to enjoy Destiny. While some gamers are gearing up for Age of Triumph or preparing for Destiny 2, others continue to pull back the layers of Destiny’s unique and fascinating world to see what makes it so special. This likely isn’t the end of exploration for Djxyz0 and his crew.

Destiny is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Djxyz0 - YouTube

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