Destiny’s latest update adds purchasable Weapon Parts; fixes Crucible rewards, bounties, and quests; refills Nightstalkers’ quivers, and shows off future rewards.

Today, Bungie has pushed a new update to Destiny: Patch 2.0.2, which the developer has labeled, “The one about Weapon Parts and Crucible Bounties.”

Destiny‘s Patch 2.0.2 brought something many players have been looking forward to: the Gunsmith in the Tower is now selling 5 Weapon Parts in exchange for 250 glimmer. However, because Weapon Parts are now easier to come by, the economy has slightly been adjusted to reflect it; turning in 25 Weapon Parts to gain reputation with a faction will now give 50 rep instead of 75 rep.

This change will help many players overcome the Weapons Parts drought, but the bulk of the update deals with fixes to the Crucible, most notably to PvP quests and bounties. In general, the changes make them easier to complete. For example, the Sunsinger quests and bounties now count any kill during Radiance (not just ability kills) and more bounties across the board give credit for game completions instead of only wins.

Another change that should help many players is an adjustment to Shaxx’s Crucible quest, which unlocks the weekly Crucible bounties and gives higher tier rewards. This was previously an arduous and drawn out questline that demanded players go through nearly every playlist, requiring wins and specific weapon kills. Bungie took a second look at this quest and made it easier. More steps unlock at a time, which allows players to earn progress on multiple steps in the same matches. The changes to overall Crucible bounties apply here too, removing the “win” requirement from many steps and replacing it with the condition of finishing matches.

Bungie also made some changes to a few Crucible maps, most notably, the Heavy ammo crates have been moved on Asylum and invisible boundaries and kill volumes (which will kill players if they venture into these areas) have been added to The Burning Shrine, Frontier, and Vertigo. Vertigo in particular was completely removed from the game because of an exploit that allowed players to get on top of the map, but is now fixed.

Destiny Nightstalker Hunter

With the update, Iron Banner has also returned with new gear and better drop rates. Last Iron Banner, the Nightstalker’s Infinite Shadowshot glitch was discovered and ruined the competitive experience for many. Bungie put a temporary band-aid on the issue, completely disabling the Quiver perk, but this update permanently fixes the issue.

Also, if for some reason players have deleted their legendary swords, they can be re-purchased from Lord Shaxx for 25 Legendary Marks. But players must first complete the exotic sword quest “Blademaster” for these to show up in Shaxx’s inventory.

Destiny Refer A Friend Sparrow

There were also hints in last week’s Bungie Weekly Update that this patch might lead data miners to find the rewards from the upcoming Refer-a-Friend program, but it doesn’t take data mining at all. A shader, emblem, and sparrow showed up in their respective kiosks after the update. It appears that there will be a quest tied to the Refer-a-Friend program that will need to be completed to unlock these rewards. Bungie has said full details on the Refer-a-Friend program, which rewards higher level players who help newer players, will be coming soon.

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Source: Bungie