‘Destiny’ Update Improves Treasure Key Drop Rates and More

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It’s to be expected that bugs and glitches are going to crop up in expansions and DLC after they’re initially rolled out to supplement main titles; some releases actually have issues right out of the gate, like CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3. When these problems do occur, it’s up to the video game’s developers to rectify the faulty code with updates and patches as soon as possible so as to keep the gameplay running smoothly.

Thankfully for Destiny fans, Bungie keeps a close rapport with the game’s community by offering players a forum in which to discuss the title, provide statistics on the game, and detail update plans that the team has in store for the future. So while those who play Destiny have been privy to a boatload of content in the House of Wolves DLC update, the expansion has also fallen prey to its fair share of problems, all of which Bungie hopes to fix with today’s patch for the game.

After Bungie’s weekly news report last Thursday, the game developer has been closely following player feedback and compiling the list of issues to be fixed, and it’s surprising how quick the turnaround has been for a new update ever since the patch a few weeks ago. Plus, Bungie has not only taken note of the problems fans have encountered, but they have also mended some that the Destiny creators have noticed, as well.

The highlights of the updates are as follows, with full patch notes on page 2:

  • The first Wanted Fallen Bounty completed each week is now guaranteed to drop a Treasure Key
  • Greatly increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from the small chests at the end of the Prison of Elders
  • Increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from Ether Chests

Destiny House of Wolves Fallen

In addition to these much-needed improvements, Bungie is proving to be a developer that is a stickler when it comes to the details, such as now allowing ammo consumables to be stacked up to 100. Plus, the game developer is providing extra remedies such as a bug fix in which the legendary ship did not drop under certain circumstances in Prison of Elders, and an update to a problem in which Weekly Heroic strikes weren’t awarding engrams.

Of course, while there are valuable repairs in the patch, some Destiny fans might be miffed at the update requiring that they defeat Skolas again to receive the Elder Cipher bounty. Also, for those hunters among us that repeatedly went back to Ether Chests for more goods, they’ll be sorely disappointed to know that the Ether Chests can only be looted once per spawn, and that ammo consumables won’t be granted when opened.

Although there are a few drawbacks to the update, at least Treasure Keys are going to be easier to acquire moving forward. Not to mention, it’s nice that Bungie is focused on making sure Destiny fans stay in the loop and have a fluid player experience.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie


Page 2: Destiny Hot Fix Patch Notes


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