'Destiny' Update Will Improve Loot System

Destiny Patch Legendary Engram

When Bungie first revealed that they had killed the infamous Destiny loot cave, the move was met with harsh resentment from fans. For many, the loot cave was one of the only genuine places to grind out gear without having to rely on the game's fickle random item drops.

However, the loot cave's dissolution also came with a promise: Destiny's loot system will get better in the coming days. And now, thanks to a recent post by the developer, we know how exactly that will occur.

According to the post, Destiny players will see almost a complete overhaul to the Engram system in patch 1.0.2. For starters, Legendary Engrams will now be programmed to unlock no worse than a Legendary item, and will still have the possibility of delivering an exotic or ascendant material.

Moreover, daily and weekly activities will also carry increased loot drop chances, in addition to the Vanguard Point, Strange Coin, and Reputation allotments. That means players have more ways to try to earn both Ascendant Materials and Legendary Engrams than Raids or Weekly Strikes…or hoping and praying.

Cryptarch Changes
Cayde-6 took the Cryptarch aside and showed him a sack of doorknobs. He decoded that mystery pretty quickly.
  • Legendary Engrams will always produce Legendary or better quality items, including Materials or Exotics
  • Rare Engrams will always produce Rare or better quality items
  • Rare engrams will have an increased chance to produce Legendary quality items
Activity Changes
  • Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics, and Vanguard: Tiger Playlist activities will include Rare and Legendary Engrams in addition to their existing rewards
Item Changes
  • Ascendant materials have been promoted to Legendary to closer associate them with the gear they are used to upgrade
  • Legendary Engram items that exist in your inventory will be demoted to Rare quality when the patch goes live, so decode them while you can. But let’s be honest--even if you don’t, we all know they were blues already...

Other less notable tweaks in the next update include a Legendary classification for Ascendant Materials and a demotion for existing Legendary Engrams. The Legendary classification means that players will only be able to earn Ascendant materials from Legendary Engrams and not from Rare ones. Whereas the demotion for existing Legendary Engrams only means that players with purple Engrams still in there inventory when the patch goes live will see those turned into blues. After that, however, all Legendary Engrams will be Legendary gear or better.

Overall, it sounds like Bungie has heard fans pleas and is making some genuine strides to improve the loot system. Granted, it would have been nice if this was how loot worked right out of the gate, but clearly Bungie is still learning how their own game works.

Most Destiny players would agree that the post level 20 grinding is hardly engaging, and actually sours the experience overall. It says a lot when the biggest event in a game is not the unveiling of a raid but a cave of loot.

There's no word on when patch 1.0.2 is slated to release but it can't come soon enough.

What do you think of this new system for loot drops? Will this improve or keep your interest in the game?


Source: Bungie

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