New Destiny Update Finally Launches, But Features a Major Bug

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Destiny Patch Legendary Engram

In the run up to the release of Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC expansion, developer Bungie has peppered the trail with intriguing bits. They started with the House of Wolves teaser trailer and followed that up with detailed walkthroughs of the DLC’s three main components. There was a tour of the new Reef social space, a live demo of the Trials of Osiris multiplayer event, and then things concluded with our first look at the Prison of Elders combat arena.

But before players dive into that new Destiny content, there is still one last order of business: the 1.2.0 update. This update, much like the major patch to launch before The Dark Below DLC, is said to set the stage for the new expansion, while also making key fixes to the game’s cooperative and competitive elements.

Originally, Destiny update 1.2 was supposed to launch on Tuesday of this week, but some late-breaking technical issues delayed the update. Bungie wouldn’t say what exactly those issues were, but they apparently weren’t too severe, as Destiny update 1.2 has now gone live.

The update itself (read full patch notes on page 2) brings along some key changes to weapons, like a fix for the Vex Mythoclast and the Black Hammer’s Hive Disruptor perk. And it makes a few tweaks to Crucible behaviors, specifically in the Salvage multiplayer mode.

Arguably the update’s biggest fix is a Connection Recovery system that’s meant to keep players from getting kicked to orbit mid-game. In most cases, Destiny is a pretty hassle free gameplay experience, but every now and again the game will boot players into orbit. Depending on the experience, especially if it’s a raid on the hard difficulty that can be a major problem. However, don’t expect the Connection Recovery option to improve raid connections just yet; the feature is rolling out starting with Trials of Osiris.

Destiny Prison of Elders

However, although the update offers its fair share of improvements, it is not without problems too. According to Bungie, the update has impacted the way the Cryptarch reads Legendary engrams and therefore players will be stuck holding onto them for the next few days. That’s not too bad, though, since once House of Wolves launches those Legendary engrams will turn into max power level 365 weapons.

There are also reports that the update has broken mobile Vault management in Destiny, making it so players can’t move gear through the Destiny app. While the Legendary engram thing was a minor issue, this is a much larger problem for Destiny veterans. Using the app to move gear was so much faster than traveling back and forth to the tower, so having to revert to those old ways is sure to be a pain.

Nevertheless, the update is live and players have some new changes to hopefully improve their Destiny experience. And hopefully by the time House of Wolves releases on Tuesday these new problems will be fixed.

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015.


Page 2: Destiny Update 1.2 Patch Notes