UPDATE: It appears Bungie’s patch notes had incorrect auto rifle changes. Read the new percentages here.]

The latest Destiny update was a big one, since many of the changes were focused on balancing the weapons in the game after some complaints about pulse auto rifles. For the most part, players are happy with the changes that were made. Unfortunately, though, it seems Bungie missed one of the biggest changes players have been asking for since Destiny 2.0 launched in September.

According to many Destiny players online, the auto rifles, which were supposed to receive a healthy buff across the board, haven’t changed since the latest update released. This is a big deal, considering it was one of the most important points Destiny sandbox designer Jon Weisnewski made in November 19th’s Destiny news update:

“The 2.0 update brought Auto Rifles back into the competitive PvP space as an option. However, we find they are still occasionally losing to Pulse Rifles at close range. Based on that data, Autos are coming up a tiny bit to help them fulfill their intended role.”

Naturally, Destiny players are hoping this was just a simple oversight on the part of Bungie and that the auto rifle buff will be coming soon. At least the other weapon balancing changes seem to have taken effect, including the pulse rifle nerf, which will help balance their power against auto rifles even without the auto rifle buff.

Destiny Iron Banner Clash Mode

According to Weisnewski’s post last month, low rate-of-fire auto rifles are supposed to see a three percent base damage increase, with medium rate-of-fire getting seven percent and high rate-of-fire receiving four percent. Those are significant increases, especially for the medium rate-of-fire weapons like Zhalo Supercell and Paleocontact JPK-43. And such changes will surely make auto rifles more effective and useful in Destiny’s PvP arena, The Crucible.

Bungie has yet to make any statements about what happened to the auto rifle buff. Chances are it was simply forgotten, and will be available soon. However, nothing is concrete until the folks at Bungie post a response. Hopefully Destiny players won’t have to wait long to see the auto rifle buff make it to the game. It’s likely most players won’t be too upset as long as their auto rifles are at maximum power when the next Iron Banner event arrives.

What do you think happened to the auto rifle buff Bungie promised was coming to Destiny? Are you upset by the omission, or does it not affect you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit