According to the community manager of Bungie, the next big content update for Destiny won’t be released to gamers until the leaves change color once again.

Destiny fans delving into the recently released massive April update will have their hands full for some time, especially when it comes to reaching the brand new level cap of 335. For those looking beyond the latest content drop, however, it looks like it will be a long wait until new Destiny content arrives to gamers worldwide.

According to Bungie, it looks like that aforementioned wait for the next content drop will be several months in duration. Those still playing the game are accustomed to some decent wait times between content updates, which may actually end up being a good thing. According to the official Bungie blog, the studio has announced that the next point on the horizon won’t come until the Fall, with Bungie Community Manager DeeJ stating that he won’t be saying anything else about the future update for the time being.

Here’s the scoop from DeeJ himself:

The next point on the horizon is an update we’re cooking up for the Fall. I’ve seen it. I’m excited about it. I will say no more… For now.

Destiny April Update

DeeJ did go on to say that gamers can expect a further update on the fall content sometime later on this summer, where Bungie will show off the scale, scope, and flavor of Destiny‘s next big challenge. Whether this timeline means an E3 2016-based announcement or not remains to be seen, but it was nice of the company to put out a general announcement timeline instead of leaving gamers totally in the dark.

Those playing Destiny on the PlayStation 4 now have access to exclusive content brought in from the latest update, though nobody on either console will get to enjoy private matches yet. All in good time, one can hope.

DeeJ also took a moment to reach out to those afflicted by a recent Destiny bug which has prevented some players from getting Sterling Treasure Boxes from the Postmaster. According to the Bungie rep, this bug has been identified and the studio is currently working on a way to deliver any missed shipments back to gamers. There isn’t a set time for the fix yet, but we can only hope the fix arrives faster than the Division bug solution did.

Are you still playing Destiny, Ranters? Do you think it’ll be able to keep up with a supposed 10 year plan?

Source: Bungie