Next ‘Destiny’ Update: Lock Exotics, Changes to Crucible Ammo, & More

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Throughout the course of Destiny’s short life span, Bungie has already released a fairly substantial series of updates. They’ve tweaked the way exotic weapons work, improved inventory management, and even made specific elements less time consuming.

During that time, however, Destiny’s PvP multiplayer mode, the Crucible, has gone relatively unchanged. Sure, there have been a few balance tweaks here and there, but by and large the make-up of the multiplayer experience has remained the same. With Destiny’s next update, however, that should change…slightly.

In today’s Bungie Weekly Update, the Destiny developer confirmed new details regarding the next major patch for their game. We still don’t have a release date for the update, mind you, but slowly but surely we are learning all that it will entail.

Where the Crucible is concerned, Bungie plans to make some changes to the way Destiny PvP spawns ammo. Specifically, this next update will make special ammo spawns less frequent and the actual ammo they allocate scarcer. So whereas before players could run around the Crucible with plenty of shotgun, sniper rifle, or fusion rifle ammo, now they may only have a few precious bullets at their disposal.

However, although special ammo will increase in scarcity, Bungie plans to improve its drop radius anytime a player opens a special ammo pack. That way teammates won’t feel left out of the fun if someone races right for the special ammo.

Destiny Heavy Ammo

On the heavy ammo side, Bungie is making it so heavy ammo drop timers are longer. That way players don’t have to worry about missing out on a heavy ammo drop because they were nowhere near a spawn point. Similarly, heavy ammo will de-spawn much quicker than it did before, preventing players from hoarding unclaimed bricks.

The goal here is to ensure that heavy ammo plays less of a factor in the big swings during Crucible matches. Before, a team could hoard heavy ammo for so long that they create a multiplayer lead that’s hard to recover from, but post-patch those instances should be fewer.

On the single player side, this week’s newest Destiny updates encompass two popular fan requests. First, Destiny will be adding a toggle to lock an exotic weapon to prevent players from accidentally deleting it. It’s obviously not a common problem for the average Destiny player, but some parents have noted instances where their kids accidentally deleted their hard-earned Ice Breaker or Gjallarhorn. Now, they can hand the controller over to the younger players without fear of losing their loot.

Destiny Wear Helmets Tower

The other change hitting Destiny with the next patch is an option to wear your helmet while in the Tower. By default, Destiny would remove the helmet as players walk around the game’s HUB world, but this new toggle will make it so Guardians can show off their full suite of armor. Granted, that’s not too much of a big deal considering most players wear a lot of the same helmets, but it’s nice to have the option.

While we still don’t have an official release date for this latest Destiny update, Bungie promises that full patch notes should be on the way soon. That’s only the beginning, though; as most Destiny players know the patch will preclude the launch of House of Wolves, the final DLC package for Bungie’s game. Stick tuned to Game Rant for more on this upcoming update and the DLC soon.

Destiny Lock Exotics

What do you think of these latest Destiny changes? What else would you like to see included with the update?

Source: Bungie