Destiny’s latest update debuted yesterday, and as is common, it has introduced new bugs into the game, trapping players in their menus and not giving rewards for decrypting some engrams.

Patch 2.0.2 was pushed to Destiny yesterday morning, which made many changes to Crucible bounties and quests and put Weapon Parts up for sale for players. The changes looked to improve the quality of life for players, but a few new bugs could make the lives of Guardians a little harder.

The two issues the Destiny community has identified are (1) players getting stuck in the Character Inventory Screen when accessing the menu within the Vault and (2) Rare leg armor engrams not decrypting into anything. Destiny‘s developer Bungie says they are investigating both:

It isn’t a fix, but Bungie has offered a workaround that will help players escape from their Character Inventory screen. To get out of the screen, one of the controller’s other menu buttons needs to be pressed:

  • On Playstation 4, press the touchpad
  • On Xbox One, press the Menu button
  • On PlayStation 3, press the Select button
  • On Xbox 360, press the Back button

Thankfully there’s a way out of this sticking point, however there is no temporary fix for stopping leg armor engrams from decrypting straight into thin air. The issue here is that when players take Rare (blue) leg engrams to the Cryptarch and decrypt them, the engrams are turned in, but nothing is received as a result (I personally have encountered this bug, decrypting three Rare leg engrams, which all disappeared). Fortunately, it appears that Legendary (purple) leg engrams are working fine (I was able to decrypt one to receive armor).

Destiny Cryptarch

There’s no word on when a fix could come for the engram issue, but knowing Bungie’s record on hot fixes, which are often pretty timely, it could happen as early as next week. It’s hard to imagine that Bungie would let it go unchanged past the following week at the latest (as long as there aren’t unforeseen circumstances where the bug can’t be identified and patched). It isn’t the best timing for the engram bug to creep up, as players are grinding through a new Iron Banner this week (which introduces Clash for the first time) and engrams often drop as rewards after matches.

The last bug that was introduced in a patch was in September that kept any loot from dropping when the Strike boss Valus Ta’aurc was defeated. The issue was fixed six days later in a hot fix. In the meantime, hold onto those Rare leg engrams.

Have you experienced either of the bugs introduced in the latest Destiny update?

Destiny: The Taken King is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Bungie Help